10 Digital Marketing Trends In 2015 That Will Boost Your Strategy

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Published: 06th February 2017
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There is no dearth of providers of web designing services in Kolkata. Just a short session on the net will reveal the identity of quite a few of them. Each of them will claim to be the best in the business. However, you need to pick up the best of the lot. The question is, what should be the basis of your hunt? Will you look for the experience, or something else? The answer is experience. However, that should not be the sole criteria that will determine your choice. You should also look into the tools that they use for their logo design and website design Kolkata service. What are the ideal tools that a proper logo and web designing company should use in designing web? Let us see.


This is an ultra light, fully customizable, extremely user-friendly and simple widget that comes up with zero dependency on the browser on which it is used. It is built with keeping in mind the standard of the modern browser, and that is what makes the difference.


It is surely one of the smartest and the most user-friendly color scheme generators, which is helpful, even for someone who is trying it for the first time. Even if the user does not have any clear notion about the colors, the tool does everything for the user. All the user needs to do is to click the palette color bars with the mouse and enter a hex code, and drag the sliders for picking up the starting colors.

Surge is an open source or free of cost content delivery network, which is designed for the front end developers. It is also designed to work in close coordination with tools like Gulp, Browserify, npm, Grunt, and the likes. Surge also comes up with a number of value added features like fallback 404 pages, nice trailing slash handling mechanisms, clean URLs, and the likes.


Metaflop comes in handy in cases, when customized fonts are needed to be created by tweaking the parameters like aperture, pen width, ascender height, unit width, and so on. The tool is mainly based on metafont language, and offers a unique Graphic User Interface, which can be used without any coding whatsoever.

Any proper web designing company in Kolkata would use all or at least some of these tools for their services, and this will make that business worth of putting money on for your project.

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