10 Doís And Doníts for Cervical Spondylosis

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Published: 04th June 2017
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Cervical spondylosis is a degenerative disease that is primarily caused as a consequence of aging which results in weakling of the spine and the intervertebral joints between the vertebral bodies. Although, age is a central factor which causes cervical spondylosis, people who have bad sitting/sleeping postures or who have a working situation where they subject their neck to continuous strain or stress like driving for elongated hours, typing, writing and/or those who work as a body builder, trainer, weight lifter are prone to cervical spondylosis. Thus, degeneration with age and occupational stresses are two central things that might cervical spondylosis. This problem has a lot of repercussions and hence it is important for people to be aware of certain dos and doníts that will help them with the condition of cervical spondylosis.
Doís and Doníts
1. Whenever there is an injury, the doctor will always advice you to do some sort of exercise. This is important to head start the natural healing process of the body and to avoid a situation where a person might become dependent on medical aids. To avoid immobilization and to strengthen the muscle, joints or ligaments, it is crucial that one does regular exercise.
2. Use a hard bed; sleeping on the floor with a firm mattress and a thin pillow is just perfect. However, if you have back pain, make sure your bed is warm before you tuck in.
3. Wearing a cervical collar during the day will protect the injury from worsening and will support the neck.
4. Take regular breaks and walk a few meter between your TV viewing session, if you have a desktop job, take a walk across the corridor every time you feel the strain building up, in fact take a stroll as regularly as you can, why wait for the pain to appear!
5. Never miss a doctor appointment because you should keep a track on the condition of your neck. Use a proper medical aid which is best suited to aid your medical situation and in cases of acute pain, visit your doctor and take the medication as directed.
6. Sleeping posture can have significant effect on the injury and pain. Never sleep on your stomach as this will stop the neck from resting in a naturally aligned manner.
7. Do not make any sudden movements like twisting your neck or the body all of a sudden, gradual movement is great as it gives time to the body to accommodate to the change.
8. Do not stack up pillows below the neck or shoulder.
9. Do not drive for long hours, wear seat belt and keep a back rest, if you need the support. Wearing a belt for supporting the back is also a good way to prevent any injury that might be caused by the bad bumps while driving on a bad road.
10. Do not life heavy weight or do high impact exercises. Yoga exercises are best to strengthen the muscle and joints post neck pain.


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