11 Things That Will Make Your Apartment Look Bigger!

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Published: 05th December 2016
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Ever feel like you need more space? Or that you can't live any longer without a larger room? Well fear not as you can keep your cosy nest and make it feel open and spacious with a few adjustments.

They range from little things you never thought of to ideas you can start furnishing a brand new room with. So if you need more space in your current place or are just about to move in there'll be something for you. I've used some examples from a website I work very closely with. I'll put there link down below and you can use it to help illustrate some of the tips here!

1. Clear out Clutter:

Too much stuff makes things look messy and cramped, keep things out of the way by placing things behind doors / table skirts / on shelves. Make your place orderly and it will feel open.


-Adrian Mini Storage, Carli Mini Storage, Terri Mini Display

2. Keep pathways Clear:

Blocking off walkways and entrances to rooms will make a place feel cramped. Short furniture is good here, ottomans, open sofas or low tables. Place high furniture against walls. If you can see the floor the room will look larger.


-Cake Ottoman, Florence Ottoman, Baron Industrial Console, Hathaway sofa

3. Soft light colours:

Light cool colours make a place open and airy, soft blues and greens work best. They will echo the natural colours of the outside, green grass and blue sky. Dark colours will make your space look warm and cosy but at the cost of also looking bigger.

4. Monochromatic colour scheme:

Use colours in the same colour tree, using too many different colours will make things like mismatched and cluttered. Monochromatic doesn't have to mean only one colour, use it more as a guide. Tone-on-tone woven fabrics work great, giving some contrast and interest without straying too far.


- Cake ottoman, Robertson Sofa (with the two tone option)

5. Co-ordinate colours:

More than just picking similar colours it's also about placement. Furniture and walls that are colour matched blend together into one and make it feel like there's more room. Think of it as camouflaging you're furniture into the walls. With less colour going on, less blocks of colour are cut up and in turn makes everything more spacious.

6. Lighting:

Rooms always look larger if they are well lit by either natural light or artificial. Keep views out of your windows free, this will both allow more natural light in and also make it seem like your room extends beyond the window. For artificial lights add lamps to cover areas your ceiling lights dont quite reach, keep an eye out for lamps with moving parts as they are great when pin pointing where to direct light.


- Floor Lamps: Jacobsen, Bestlite, Decor8 Classic, Robiff.

- Table Lamps: Laurent, Carlo, Cone.

7. See-Through Space:

Use materials you can see through when able, glass / lucite is great, especially on coffee or table tops. Everything on the other side of will seem further away and give the illusion of more space. Sure it's a well known trick but knowing how it works may give you more options than just tables, like the Laurent lamp mentioned earlier.


- Noguchi Coffee Table, Lindy Table, Volo Coffee table, Barcelona Coffee Table, Cross Table

8. Reflective Surfaces:

Using mirrors is an excellent way to make a room feel larger. It's again a very well known trick reflecting the room creates more visually perceived space, but the other reason is that it reflects the light too. With this in mind you're not just limited to mirrors, but anything with a shiny surface to bounce light off of. Placing them near sources of light works a treat too.

9. Big Pieces:

You may not think it but big pieces of furniture actually work well in small spaces. By using big pieces you force yourself to use less and simpler pieces, it keeps the space calm and organized with large blocks of single colour. Using several small pieces will make the space feel cluttered and messy make sure you don't have too much going on.


- Adler, Charles, Plywood Coffee Table, Wilson Coffee Table.

10. Upholstery:

Keep upholstery plain. By using stripes, prints or plaids it will again make the space look messy and cluttered. This is one of the worst things you can do to a small space and will make you feel closed in. If you want to inject some interest use textured fabrics and materials.


- Florence, Pelican Chair, Cowhide Ottomans, Cowhide LCW

11. Airy and light fabrics:

Use Sheer fabrics to let light through, effective on window treatments, bed skirts, table covers and slips.

So with all of these points you are now fully prepared to decorate or redecorate your home to give it more room! That's more room for guests, parties, movie nights, dinner parties, get togethers, anything!

For all the examples you can find them at http://www.decor8.com.hk/

I do a lot of interior design with these guys and they're all great.


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