11 Tips For A Safe, Healthy Abortion

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Published: 18th May 2020
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Testing positive for pregnancy might not be the most welcome news for a lady at any time. A couple might be financially unstable to become parents, while there can be many other societal factors too – which do not advocate bringing a new life in the world. In such cases, terminating the pregnancy in a medically approved manner remains the sole advisable course of action. In the current discourse, we will take you through some basic abortion tips:
a. Be aware of the right time – While planning a pregnancy abortion, you need to be aware of the right stage/timeframe within which it should be done. Ideally, have the abortion procedure completed within 22-24 weeks of pregnancy (at maximum).
b. List down the reasons – Passing up the chance of being a mom is a pretty hard decision to take. Make a list of the reasons why you are taking this step. Make sure that each of the reasons you have listed are indeed justifiable. If required, consult with family members/close relatives. You should not have to rue the decision later.
c. Contact a reliable abortion clinic – Look on the web, for a good abortion clinic in Kolkata. Choose a center where qualified, well-experienced gynecologists are available. Ask the professionals over there to ensure complete confidentiality for the process. Most well-known pregnancy abortion centers in the city have their own websites – and you can check out testimonials/reviews about their services, provided by previous patients.
d. Ask about the risks involved – Terminating a pregnancy at a relatively early stage is not particularly risky – but you should still stay aware of the things that can go wrong. Make sure that the surgeon in charge of your abortion procedure has several years of previous experience in this field. For a safe surgery, having an experienced doctor at the helm is of essence!
e. Relate your medical history – If you have any gynecological problems, relate them in detail to the consulting gynecologist at the abortion clinic in Kolkata you have chosen. Issues like irregular periods or abnormally heavy bleeding should never be ignored. Follow the prescribed course of corrective medicines, before going for the operation.
f. Get all the tests done – A number of medical tests, including several blood tests, have to be done – before the abortion date can be scheduled. Get the tests (as recommended by the doctor you are seeing) done at a reliable pathological laboratory. Submit the pregnancy abortion reports to the doctor, and follow his/her advice.
g. Stay safe from infections – Even when the fetus has been completely removed from your reproductive tracts, chances of infections (mainly due to heavy bleeding) remain. Use good-quality, branded tampons, to keep the blood-flow in check. If there are severe pains or aches, inform the doctor about the same immediately.
h. Take some time off sex – Do not get physically intimate with your partner, until all chances of infections from the abortion process have disappeared. Till the day the post-operative bleeding continues, having sex is a strict ‘no-no’. You will not enjoy it, and significant medical complications can result as well!
i. Take leaves from your workplace – Just like pregnancy leaves, you also need some time off work, after medical termination of the fetus within your system. Take prior leaves from your office and/or avoid heavy work at home. Rest till you feel physically and mentally fine.
j. Do not take too many antibiotics – Antibiotics would feature prominently in your post-operative medications, but you must not become too reliant on them. Ask your physician at the abortion clinic in Kolkata, about the period for which antibiotics have to be taken, and how their dosage can be lowered over time.
k. Stay positive – Terminating a pregnancy DOES NOT mean you cannot become a mother again, when circumstances are more favorable. Do not ever get depressed regarding this issue. Think happy thoughts, and stay amongst your loved ones. Mental equanimity has a lot to do with physical well-being.
Go for regular checkups at the abortion center in Kolkata, and inform the doctor of even ‘minor’ discomforts that you might be feeling after the operation. You can also seek emotional support from professional pregnancy consultants. Getting an abortion done is not a difficult ask – but you need the support of a proficient medical practitioner, and proper care from your close ones, to go through the process with ease.

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