15 Tips On How To Communicate Effectively

Published: 18th June 2015
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Although communication seems like a very natural thing for all us, it isn't always easy to express yourself effectively, get your message across to your listener or listen to what others have to say. If you are struggling with your communication skills, here are some tips that will surely help make things easier for you.

1. Try to make the speaker feel well listened to and understood to help you build a deeper and stronger speaker-listener relationship. If you master the art of listening, it is likely that others will listen to you as well when it is your turn to share your thoughts with them.

2. Establish an environment where everyone may feel safe to express their opinions, ideas and feelings.

3. Clarify the information with the speaker and also, try to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts by knowing what the speaker means by every word he/she says.

4. Have time to observe your communication style with the people that surround you. Observe your speaking style in terms of tone, volume and diction.

5. Seeking for an honest feedback from others regarding the way you communicate with other people may be a very helpful practice. Accept feedbacks that are negative as well as the positive ones.

6. Express your thoughts in an organized manner. Talk clearly and never mumble. If people keep on asking you to repeat what you just said, then try to do a better job of expressing yourself with the listener in a better way.

7. Keep a positive personality and treat everybody else in the workplace with respect. When you know how to respect other people, you will in turn gain other people's respect. And when people respect each other in the workplace, good workplace relationships and communication will surely develop.

8. Understand the subject matter that you are talking about. In order for other people to understand you, you need to understand what you are talking about first. Never utter a word that you don't know the meaning of as it may possibly lead to a misunderstanding.

9. Always use the right words. Have yourself a dictionary and start a daily routine of learning a new word per day to improve your vocabulary. Also try to apply that word in your daily conversation.

10. If your workplace is culturally diverse, take the time to know the culture and beliefs of your co-employees. This will help avoid future misunderstandings.

11. Be specific with the words you speak. Using acronyms and euphemisms may cause problems unless the person you're speaking to is familiar with them.

12. When having a conversation, wait for your turn and never interrupt. Once you interrupt a person while speaking, aside from it being rude, he may also lose what he was saying.

13. Speak with just the right volume. Use a volume that is proper for the location. When the person you're talking to is near from you, then speak more softly. On the other hand, speak louder when talking to a larger group of people or when in larger spaces.

14. Try to look for humor in a situation. Good humor is an effective way of relieving stress or tension when interacting with others. When the conversation is getting too serious, try to lighten the mood by sharing an amusing story or a funny joke.

15. Take a formal course to improve your workplace communication skills. Remember that you are opening new windows of opportunity each time you make an effort to improve the way you communicate in the workplace.


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