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Published: 17th May 2020
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Previewing several apartments to rent in Brooklyn, I have come across several interesting buildings managed by Two Trees. They have a knack for renovating old and unused buildings and transforming them into beautiful residential buildings. While previewing these apartments there is some criteria that I am taking note of in the categories of the residence itself, the amenities, the ease of accessibility and the overall ambience of the neighborhood.

The Residence
The 164 Atlantic building itself was once used for nautical purposed. There are 18 units that have been transformed from sail lofts into spacious apartments. As these spaces were originally used to accommodate large boat masts, the residence receive the large spaces as a place to spread-out and call home.

Some of the amenities that I love about 164 Atlantic are that they are pet-friendly, they have an elevator, washer and dryers and in the kitchen they have an in-sink disposal. This comes in very handy for cooking.

Ease of Accessibility to Metro
Getting around can be a major issue in NYC, but from the looks of it that it is just a short walk to meet up with nearly a dozen different public transit routes. Making the locating quite convenient for getting throughout the city.

Neighborhood Ambience
Brooklyn Heights is known for itsí quiet and tree-lined streets. Making for a calmer place to live in NYC instead of the hustle and bustle of downtown Manhattan. With historic brownstone buildings throughout the neighborhood itís easy to feel the character of Brooklyn that has stood for decades. When taking a walk along the riverthere are some of the fantastic views of the Manhattan skyline.

Overall Response
The overall idea of living in the apartments of 164 Atlantic is very appealing. The building renovations are very well done and the style of the apartments are sleek and classy. The amenities are wonderful perks to have and it can be hard to find a pet-friendly place to live. The ease of access to public transit is great, with easy connections throughout NYC. Finally the tree-lined neighborhood and the historic elements seen on the buildings are beautiful. This has been a great look at the first of several apartments by Two Tree management.

You can get more info here: http://twotreesny.com/properties

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