25 Tips For Maintaining Your Weight

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Published: 08th May 2020
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Itís comparatively easy to reach your desired weight but itís difficult to maintain it. Not only will you have to watch what you eat but you will have to follow a routine to make sure the scale becomes a friend rather than an enemy. This article lists 25 tips for maintaining your weight that can be very useful for you. They are as follows:

Stay hydrated:

Water is the best thing to maintain weight. Drink 5 glasses of water after waking up. That will not only help you to sustain your hunger but it will also aid in improving your digestive system. With so many Americans suffering from obesity, a clean digestive system is very important. Since drinking water keeps the stomach full for longer, you will find it easier to control your urge to eat as well.

Keep a track of your calorie consumption:

Count your calories. Count the number of calories you burn while working out, count the number of calories you consume and consider the number of calories your body needs on a daily basis. That will help you to make better food choices.

Eat at home if you plan to go out for dinner:

If you are planning on going out for dinner, eat something at home and go out on a partially full stomach. That way, you will eat only 2 slices of pizza instead of 3 or 4.

Maintain a food diary:

A food diary is a great way to keep track of your calories and everything you consume. Knowing what you have eaten will aid you to have a realistic idea of everything that goes inside your body.

Plan your meals in advance:

Planning can work wonders and help you to maintain your weight. Consult a dietician to get to know your bodyís calorie requirements on a daily basis and then plan your meals accordingly. This will also help you to keep the calories under control thereby enabling you to maintain your weight.

Eat vegetables:

Nothing defines healthy food as much as vegetables. Not only are they a great source of nutrition but they donít harm your body (like red meat) by increasing your cholesterol level among other things.

Have a healthy breakfast, a light lunch and a lighter dinner:

Breakfast should be the heaviest meal of the day. Since, there is a gap of about 6-7 hours between breakfast and lunch; it has ample time to get digested. Lunch should be light (I would suggest lean proteins) so that it takes less time for the meal to get digested whereas dinners should be the lightest meal of them all.

Avoid eating Trans fat:

It aids in increasing the cholesterol level and in fact, it can also slow down the incorporation of healthy fats into the body which is required for the functioning of important organs.

Take some food home:

Whenever you eat at a fast food joint, remember that you donít have to eat everything there itself. Instead of going crazy on your favorite food and finishing the massive portions, ask for a container when you place the order so that you can carry half of it home for your family members. By doing this, you wonít overeat but at the same time, you wonít miss out on your favorite fast food either.

Carry fruits and celery sticks when you go out:

Instead of roaming around with a bag of chips, carry an apple or some celery sticks with you. Fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals so they are a healthier option. In fact, celery is known to be a weight reducing agent so think of ways to eat healthy even when you are on the go.

Eat frequent small portions:

The key to a balanced diet is to eat small but frequent portions. That will take care of your sudden hunger pangs in a healthy and nutritious way.

Donít keep leftovers:

Whenever you have a party, encourage your guests to take the leftovers with them in Tupperware containers. If you keep them at home, you will end up binging on them instead. On a daily basis, make your meals with due consideration to the number of people so that you donít have a lot of food left after dinner everyday.

Hit the gym routinely:

Going to the gym should be a routine rather than a session of convenience. It will help you to burn additional calories on a daily basis thereby helping you to keep your weight in check!

Do exercises you like:

Workouts can get very monotonous after a point of time so you can consult your instructor and change your exercises every couple of months. Do exercises that you enjoy to make things less boring.

Get acquainted with your weighing scale:

Weight scales are good because they keep giving you a reality check. You donít have to check your weight on a daily basis so looking at it once in 3 days should be good enough. A scale will help you to evaluate your position so that you can adjust your eating habits and workout sessions accordingly.

Minimize your consumption of junk food:

Junk food is a source of Trans fat along with other unhealthy elements. By junk food, I also mean fast food because it has the same effect on the body. Avoid eating it whenever possible and if you love it beyond measures, limit your intake of it.

Include fruit servings in your diet:

Apples, oranges and grapefruits are a big source of vitamin C. In fact, fruits rich in vitamin C should be a part of your daily diet because it is supposed to help in reducing the chances of coronary heart diseases.

Limit your alcohol consumption:

Alcohol is a big hindrance for weight watchers because it is high in calories. That is precisely why people who drink a lot of beer usually have a beer belly. Two glasses of alcohol are good enough for weight watchers.

Include more proteins in your diet:

Include lean meats like poultry in your diet. Minimize your consumption of fat oriented meat products because that will only help you to increase your weight. Also, lean meats are easier on the digestive system.

Start your meal with soup:

Soups are a great way to begin a meal, especially for people who are trying to maintain their weight because it fills your stomach. However, since it is primarily water, it doesnít add up to a lot of calories.

Donít trust trendy diets:

Trendy fad diets give temporary results, if at all. Even if it does help you to stay in shape, itíll only work as long as you stick to the diet. Have a wholesome meal and give your body all the nourishment it needs instead of giving it only one nutrient at a time.

Go for a swim whenever possible:

Swimming is a great form of exercise and itís also enjoyable. The water helps in burning calories faster which can work wonders for your weight. Whenever you get bored of working out, go for a swim instead.

Compromise one thing for another:

The key to eating healthy is the act of balancing. If you have pizza for dinner, skip the ice cream to compromise for the additional calorie intake. If you go out for dinner, have a cocktail but skip the cake.

The little things count:

Small things can make a huge difference towards helping you to maintain your weight. Instead of driving, walk to the places that are close by. Instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs. These small things can go a long way in helping you to stay fit.

Keep up the motivation:

The most important thing for maintaining your weight is to stay motivated. Do not get discouraged on the way. Read motivational books, talk to people and look at yourself in the mirror to see the difference whenever you feel low.

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