3 Critical Steps To Get Your Ex Back

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Published: 19th November 2016
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Hint: They have nothing to do with her

So, you were completely blindsided when your girl decided to end whatever relationship you may have had together. That gut wrenching pain in your stomach is not from the need of sustenance. It is from the sudden loss of someone you thought was in love with you.

After all, you did whatever she asked you to do, showered her with gifts, brought her what she wanted when she wanted it. There was not anything you would not do for her. Right?

Now your pleas of forgiveness for whatever you may have done wrong or thought you have done wrong, have fallen upon deaf ears. Your daily/hourly texts, calls or emails bring you nothing but deeper despair.


It is time to stop this behavior and FIX the only thing that will get her back...YOU!! Yes, YOU. There is not even a remote chance of getting your ex girlfriend back if you think you are going to remain the same person you were during the relationship. You are not going to change her or the way she thinks but you CAN make changes to yourself and the way YOU think.

Time to get to work!

Here are 3 critical steps in beginning to change your behavior and your outlook on life that WILL get your ex back for good!

Stop With The Communication
Continuing with the endless communication of saying I am sorry, I love you, Give me another chance, I promise I will change, will almost certainly guarantee that you will not get your ex back. Don't say…DO!

Besides, it is downright UNATTRACTIVE! Give her the space she wants and leave her alone! The only communication you should have would be if you had been together for a while and some unfortunate incidence that you have become aware of has occurred. Then a brief, respectful and to the point communication is in order, but that is it.

There will be a time to communicate but not until you have worked on changing your personal paradigm to become attractive again to your ex girlfriend.

Becoming Attractive Again
At one time you were attractive to your ex or your relationship probably would not have existed.

Get busy with your idle time quickly. Whether it is getting together with old friends regularly or meeting new ones. Possibly finding a new hobby, being involved in community events, or even begin dating again.
I know it is easier said than done.

However, I assure you that even without communicating with your ex, she WILL find out all the new things you are into and will begin to question if she made the right decision to break off from your relationship.

Respect The Investment Of Your Time
Yes it is ok to respect the amount of time that you invest in a relationship. Chances are that you were investing more of your time in this last relationship than she had invested in it.

Becoming involved in new things will require you to have more respect for yourself and your time. Always look to improve yourself, this IS attractive to women.

All I am saying here is that you deserve just as much time from her as you give to her. So if most of your time is spent on ANY woman and the investment of time put into the relationship is not 50/50...she WILL leave you. Why?

Because you will be perceived as "needy" and that is just unattractive. End of story!

The Needed Tools
No matter how hopeless you think your situation may seem right now, you CAN win your girlfriend back.

Most of us guys think in terms of linear step by step processes and search for the needed tools that help us produce the desired results we want.

Relationships are really no different. All you need is a solid game plan.

The 3 critical steps I have touched upon are only part and parcel of all the tools you need to get your ex back. DO NOT make the mistake of thinking that those steps are ALL you need or you may lose her for good.

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