3 Styles of Sofas That Are Trending This August

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Published: 08th May 2020
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When it is raining thunder outside; nothing beats the feeling of coiling into a quilt, and relaxing on your favourite sofa. People enjoy this especially on weekends as they can catch up on their favourite sitcoms or soccer game in privacy. We are sure you would have your hobbies too, which you would love to enjoy in the privacy of sofa comfort. The purpose of this article is to highlight sofa options that would be best for your living room.

1. Chaise and Loungers
Contemporary Chaise Lounge with Square Button Tufting

Recommended in rich cream colour tone, the unit is an absolute charmer for private coffee table conversations. The feel of the upholstery and square button tufting make it perfect for any contemporary décor setting. However, we would recommend this for a home where all are adults, as the fabrics colour tone is require care and maintenance.

Try pairing it with some good cushions and you are sure to have a eye catching décor piece in your room.

Midcentury modern lounger with single arm

Modern in style this furniture is surely one of a kind. Recommended because it has a single armrest which some find comfortable rather than two armrests or none at all. Available in a broad range of colour tones, the appealing factor is the modern design that accounts for people of different personalities to sit together. This is for anyone who is looking for a sofa pad that is totally unique in style and functionality.

2. Loveseat
Handmade for individuals with smaller living rooms or those who want the comfort snugging between two seats. Loveseats are perfect for young couples who have recently moved in and look to set up their decor. Available in styles transitional, Midcentury, and contemporary they have perfect for smart conversations. For this month we recommend the following variants:

Contemporary Loveseat Sofa with T back and Cushion

Unique in its look, this plush loveseat is bound to be an immediate eye catcher in your household. Its curved back allows you to relax in comfort while the plump down cushions allow you to relax your feet at ease.

Transition Down filled Sofa with Sloped Arms

Placing this sturdy unit gives a very formal structure to your living room. Perfect for indulging ‘special’ friends in smart coffee conversation or watching your favourite sitcom. It is recommended for households that are looking to add in a very neutral decor.

Sectional and L shaped sofa

Meant for large rooms, sectionals and L shaped sofas allow for larger room seating. Just like the other two discussed above they come in styles of contemporary, Midcentury, classic, and transitional. These are perfect for large commercial office seating and put immediate weight to the room, thanks to their sheer size.
All the three styles of sofas discussed above are special in their own right. Being handmade each are a sheer reflection of a distinct personality. It rather depends on how well you know yourself, so this August which unit are you going to curl on?

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