3 Ways to Recover Deleted Text Messages from iPhone

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Published: 17th June 2015
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A study shows that iPhone users have exceeded one billion. With so much iPhone been sold, you could imagine how various usage problems could be. As an iPhone user myself, I have met one the other day, I have lost some of the text messages that are quite important to me. Though it has been bit of a hassle to get it fixed, I finally got around. So I want to write about it and share my experience to my fellow iPhone users.

Losing text messages could be a headache, in fact, any kind of data loss is what we all want to avoid. Sadly it just keeps happening, so what we need to do is learn how to fight against it and minimize our lost. The most secure way is to backup your iPhone regularly or even on daily basis via iTunes or iCloud. No matter you are using iPhone 5, 4, 4S or 3GS, when it comes to recovering deleted text messages, the methods are same. So when you do have the backup files that can rescue your deleted messages, congratulations, just follow the steps below to retrieve deleted SMS messages from iPhone.

Method 1: Recover Deleted Text Messages from iPhone via iTunes

As an iPhone user you need to use iTunes to back up, restore or manage all your data on the phone. So it is necessary to understand how to work with it. As for the aspect of backing up, every time you connect your phone to the computer, iTunes will automatically back it up and update for you, as long as you didn't change the settings. So it is pretty easy to recover deleted text messages from iPhone with backup:

First connect your phone to the PC and run iTunes, then click the File menu, then select "Device" and choose "Restore from backup", and select the backup. The process will begin, when it's done, the deleted text messages will be back.

Method 2: Recover Deleted Text Messages from iPhone via iCloud

Personally I prefer this one to iTunes, for I don't need to plug my phone purposely to PC just for back up. Using iCloud, everything is done wirelessly. Back up occurs on daily basis through Wi-Fi when iPhone is on lock screen and connected to a charger. And all your backups will be stored in the “cloud”. What you need to is just restore the iCloud backup, as follow:

First, please make sure you have your phone connected to Wi-Fi, or iCloud would be no use. Then go setting-> General and hit “Reset”, and choose “Erase All Content and Setting”. I know it sounds dangerous, but as long as the erasing is done, the set-up assistant will pop up, and you can choose to restore from iCloud backup. The next is pretty simple, enter your iCloud account and password, select the backup you wish to restore from, and the iCloud will take care of the rest.

Method 3: Recover Deleted Text Messages from iPhone with iPhone Data Recovery

Sometimes it’s not the case that we have recent or available backups around, then how to recover deleted SMS text messages from iPhone? Don’t worry, it can be done, but with a little help. I have found a great third party tool that can help us with that, iPhone Data Recovery. It can scan and recover deleted messages directly from your iPhone, without any difficulty, and not backups needed. It is actually very easy to use, but I will just write it down anyway.

Download the software and run it with your iPhone connected to PC. At the interface you will see two tabs, since we do not have backups, choose “Recover Data from iOS Device” and hit “Scan”. Then the scanning will begin, the process will take a few minutes, depending on your iPhone capacity. When it’s done, your will be able to see the deleted texts are on the Message list. Check the messages you wish to recover and hit “Recover”, then save it to your PC instead of iPhone to avoid overwriting.

Then all your deleted text messages should be back as xlsx files. And now you should be able to relax.

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