4 Health Problems Linked To Obesity

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Published: 04th December 2016
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Obesity in the general population is an increasingly dire problem in the United States. Well over half-a-million people die each year from just one of the major problems that arises because of obesity: heart disease. It affects all demographics - race, gender and age don't matter. The primary causes are environment (food advertising, lack of outlets for exercise in many neighborhoods, and giant portions served by eateries), genetic influences and an inactive lifestyle. Because two out of three of these causes can be controlled by you in various ways, obesity is a problem that can be drastically reduced if people are educated about its causes and solutions.

What Does Obesity Cause?
A better question might be: what doesn't obesity and a highly-acidic diet cause?

The U.S Department of Health and Human Services presents these results of thorough research:

Type 2 diabetes is caused by elevated blood glucose levels, which becomes severe enough to interfere with the body's production of insulin. It happens when people eat too much sugar consistently; many cases of diabetes results in blindness, kidney disease, stroke and death, and Is a common result of being overweight.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S. It occurs as a result of plaque build-up in artery walls, which constricts blood flow and makes the heart work too hard to pump blood and deliver oxygen to your organs. This can lead to heart attack or heart failure.

For obese people, the risk for stroke is elevated. It starts off with the same problem that causes coronary heart disease - plaque build-up on arterial walls. As it becomes more and more severe, some of the regions filled with plaque can burst and form blood clots. Since blood circulates, if it gets too close to your brain, it will deprive it of the oxygen and cause a stroke.

High blood pressure is a common sign that you may be overweight and need to take steps to curtail the increased pressure your arteries sustain. There are multiple bad things that can happen as a result of consistently high blood pressure.

The Roles of Acidity and Alkalinity in Obesity and Health

The problems foretold by obesity stats become starkly-clear when you realize that one out of every three Americans are considered severely overweight - and the numbers are rising. Such a whole-scale effect can only come from something that is pervasive in society, and that something is the food we eat. As mentioned above, obesity is often a precursor to a host of diseases, so it's important to alter or eliminate the underlying causes.

All the soda Americans drink, the foods high in acid and the processed treats directly foster a prime place for obesity to persist in - an acidic environment.

The human body will retain more layers of fat in order to combat the build-up of acid, because this prevents the acid from attacking and breaking down membranes.

However, one problem leads to another - excess fat isn't good; especially for such an inactive generation.??There's a solution in the form of alkaline water. Because it directly reduces the excess acidity in your body, alkaline water proves effective in restoring the body's pH level - which is a level that reduces the chances for disease, cancer, ageing, diabetes and others.

Combining an alkaline diet with a moderately (at least) lifestyle would be sufficient to launch you squarely out of the bracket of 72 million Americans with heart disease.

Fruits and vegetables are also alkaline, which is why your diet should consist of healthy servings of them.

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