5 Dynamic Ideas Why It Really Is A Great Good Thing To Be You

Published: 25th June 2015
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I can't guess about your life, but I am somebody who has had a really difficult time accepting myself--just as I am. Nevertheless, no matter what my fault-finding about myself was, the Lord would encourage me to help me love, forgive and accept myself--just as He does. One day, He told me: "I want you to trust that it is a great good thing to be you-- simply because you have Me for your God!" Then He revealed why. This produced a lot of emotional healing! Since I can't change who I am, it is a great good thing to have the exact God I do as my very own Rescuer and Best Friend! These 5 reasons hold true for you too. Take confidence from them and take greater joy in your life in Christ.

1) Your God continually has immense love for you. Even while a Christian, there was a time when it meant virtually nothing to me that God loved me. I wanted my life mended! I didn't want to be the guy with such endless troubles to cope with. What a surprise to figure out ( little-by-little) that Father God wouldn't agree with me. He went on loving me no matter what! I would surely hate to be me, if it meant that God wouldn't love a person like me, but due to the fact that He loves me so powerfully and flawlessly, it actually is a great good thing to be me.

2) Your Father really has mercy for you . As we progress in the Lord, His search light of truth goes into the very depths . To get restored from the deepest stains, you need to be ready to honestly evaluate details like awful attitudes, unfitting desires, and self-seeking motivations. Ugh! I can't stand it that I have such a wicked side! Nevertheless, if you are a natural born rascal like myself, it is a great good thing to be the individual God has chosen to continually forgive!

3) Father God is always eager and capable to rescue you. He entreats us saying "Call on Me and I will answer you" and He promises to deliver "all who call on His Name." That's you, isn't it ? Perhaps you had your trust trashed by those who broke their promises. God is not like that! He is willing and able to go to your rescue--in any state of affairs. Given that I often tend to necessitate a lot of assistance, it is a great good thing to be somebody that my Lord consistently wants to rescue!

4) Your God is always coming up with excellent plans for you. God has designs for how to help us in every instance of need. But that's not all: He has plans for how to lead us by His Spirit every time we surrender to Jesus as our Lord. But that is not all: He even has ideas for how to work through our lack of submission to bring us back to Jesus, so that He can lead us once again. That's a good deal of plans! And I am thankful He goes on making them for me.

5) Father God is always making everything promote your good. When I received faith in Christ, I began gathering up all the unwanted events that I wished had never happened and " inverted" them by accepting that they would be forced to work for a much better good than the apparent evil that was initially in them. In due course, my inner life sailed free from the fears, resentment and frustration that had been stifling it. I hated having had countless bad things happen, but I really like having Someone devoted to producing good out of them!

Are you catching on to how these 5 powerful truths will help you take confidence that it definitely is a great good thing to be you? Join me by this prayer:

Due to my Father's never ending love for me, His never-ending mercy for me, the terrific plans He develops for me, and His commitment to bring a greater good out of everything that has ever happened or will ever happen to me, it truly is a great, good thing to be me! I for that reason promise to thoroughly forgive myself and accept myself--just as He does. And I will battle to free my life from all negative thoughts against myself. I may have had a hard start, but I am choosing to have a fabulous ever-after!


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