5 Drinking Game Sets From Maxam™ That Will Change The Way You Anticipate The Weekend Nights

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Published: 08th May 2020
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No more rotting in boredom, no more Netflix and chill, no more marinating in bed when everybody’s at the club and if you’re the ultimate epitome of the introvert movement (or sometimes you just have that anti-social feeling) and awkwardness then you can have fun, get drunk but at the safety and comfort of your own home! Best of both worlds! Now get the phone, call your friends and go buy these wickedly addicting and fun games and we promise you won’t regret buying them! Who knows this investment might just be the conversation starter at your next house party. Officially say goodbye to red plastic cups and beer pongs.

6-Shot Drinking Golf Game

Ever like to play miniature golf but a wee bit tipsy? Well, consider your wish come true! Flex those fingers and get ready so practice your putt! Miss that hole and face the consequences. Keep the bar stocked with chilled drinks both alcoholic and non-alcoholic add something exotic too for a wildcard. Try fighting the alcohol to get a hole-in-one! That is if you can? This drinking golf game comes with 2 side shot caddies with game rules, 6 shot glasses, 2 golf clubs measuring 11/2 x 51/4 x 1/2, 2 metal balls, sand, and 19th hole flag.

16-Shot Roulette Drinking Game Set

Place your bets! Ladies and Gents! Add a spin to casino nights with this baby! Whether money is involved or not you will enjoy this game for sure! Put in a variety of drinks in the 16 numbered shot glasses and pray that the roulette ball be in your favor. You’ll not just be betting your money here but your resistance to alcohol will definitely measured! But if you’re looking for something more risqué or something even the elderly can appreciate why don’t you try this Lottery Style Drinking game?

Shot Glass Tic-Tac-Toe Game

This is one game you don’t really want to lose. Tic Tac Toe Drunken Style! Depending on how fast you brain can think, you can either lose really fast here if the opponent is much wittier. And with this fast paced game you can get drunk fast and hard too! We recommend pairing this game with tequila or some Jagger Jello shots. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Shot Glass Chess Set

We’ll reserved this game to those who like their weekends quiet and spending time with lofty activities but don’t mind getting completely wasted as long as it is done with dignity intact. Protect the King at all cost or this is one checkmate you won’t ever forget. This is really fun yet extremely challenging, how can you anticipate your opponent’s next move yet alone yours when you have dunked 8 shots of gin because you all your pawns have been obliterated. Who knew chess can be this wild?

Target Bowling Drinking Game

Now this you can do on your own. Contrary to the misleading name no you’re not going to knock down any pins. This game features a game board with springloaded catapult, 2 steel balls, and 4 shot glasses. The object is to pull the catapult and shoot the ball in the holes depending on where you land will determine how many or what shot you’ll drink. Great when your alone, more awesome with friends this can turn any boring drinking sesh into a fun one!

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