5 Must See Travel Attractions in Malindi Town, Kenya

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Published: 18th June 2015
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If you’re vacationing on the coast of Kenya, one place you simply have to visit is Malindi town, which is about 150 kilometers from Mombasa. Malindi has plenty of gems and once in a lifetime experiences that you will definitely enjoy. Check out these five places to visit in Malindi.

1.Watamu Beach

I must say that Watamu Beach is one of the most romantic spots along Kenya’s coast. First of all, the sand is pure white, and when the beach is free of seaweed, it is a spectacular sight to behold. Another great thing about this beach is that there are relatively fewer beach boys and vendors on the beach, so you can enjoy a great day at the beach with less hassles.

Watamu Beach is also ideal for snorkeling, swimming- there’s an off-shore island that makes the perfect swimming distance during high tide- and turtle watching. The peace and quiet will have you relaxed within moments, and the resorts along this beach are also quite good. By yourself, with a significant other, or with the whole family, Watamu Beach is the place to be.

2. Marafa Depression, a.k.a. Hell’s Kitchen

Another gem of Malindi is the Marafa Depression, which is a series of rather impressive rock formations, with layer upon layer of colored rocks that will take your breathe away. It is no Grand Canyon, but the beauty of this place is that it is one of the most gorgeous hidden treasures of the Kenyan coast. You can enjoy a guided walk through Hell’s Kitchen’s rock outcrops

and valleys at a very reasonable fee and learn the legend behind Marafa’s formation.

3. The Falconry of Kenya

Bird lovers will definitely love The Falconry, which is about 15 kilometers from the town of Malindi and is worth the drive. Some of the birds here include eagles, goshawks, falcons and owls, and you can go for a bird safari to watch these beautiful creatures up close. Do not leave The Falconry without watching the flight shows that the birds usually perform, so ask your guide about the best time to visit.

Other great places for bird enthusiasts in Malindi include the Arabuko Sosoke forest, the largest natural coastal forest in East Africa, and the Mida Creek, which has over 50 different species of East African birds for your thorough enjoyment.

4.Watamu National Marine Park

Now this is the spot for all who love water, be it sports or fishing or diving. The Watamu National Marine Park is especially great during off-peak seasons, where you can enjoy lots of peace and quiet on the white beaches, glass-bottom boat rides, snorkeling in the vast coral reefs, and scuba diving adventures in the clear blue ocean.

A point to note is that before you arrange for any boat rides or snorkeling, do find out the best time to go out into the water- many a tourist have paid for these excursions only to find that all the fish were hiding!

5. Gedi Ruins & the Kipepeo Butterfly Center

The Gedi Ruins in Malindi is a must-visit, at least to see what remained of the 13th century city, in which you will see the impressive collection of mosques, houses and palaces that made up the city in its prime.

Just near the Gedi Ruins, in the same grounds actually, lies the Kipepeo Butterfly Center, which is Kenya’s largest butterfly farm with numerous species of both common and rare butterflies. You can manage to combine these two into a one day trip and enjoy these amazing facets of Malindi.

Extra Tidbits…

The Watamu area in Malindi is dominated by Italians, so it will feel a little like Sicily when you arrive. This is should be no problem, take it in stride and make some great friends while you enjoy Malindi.

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