5 Tremendous Motivations For Forgiving The Unforgivable--Including The Ones The Lord Uses

Published: 25th June 2015
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Anytime we have a grueling job it makes a huge difference if we have the right supply of motivation to stick with it until it is done.

Forgiveness is like that. Our resentful feelings can cling to us like cement. It discourages us to keep remembering previous wrongs. It requires a lot of time and energy to get released. We try opting out, demanding, "Why should I forgive?".

Let all these powerful God-given reasons come to your salvation!

1) Your very own Freedom.

Holding on to revengeful thoughts only ensures we will never get over being a patsy of the pain of things of the past! We keep captive our soul behind walls of rage and bitter emotions, then say to our betrayer, "You did this to me!".

The bottom line is nobody has the ability to shut your heart up except you. Nobody has the ability to put injury inside you and manage to keep it in place. No person can strike affliction that your powerful Lord can not overturn, making "all things" serve your ultimate good.

Should we decide to accept the way out God makes available, then we definitely will take on the troublesome task of giving over to God all of the offense and pain that people have indeed brought upon us. That is certainly what the Lord desires us to do for our inner healing. That is exactly what our God undertook for each one of us.

2) Their Incomprehension Of The Whole Truth.

Ever "heard" yourself thinking, "How could they do that? They understood perfectly well just what they were doing!"

That's not the way our Lord views it. When He was being killed by His foes Jesus cried out, "Father, forgive them. They don't know what they are doing." Surely, if this particular motivation helped Jesus, then it is certainly founded on truth and it will assist us just as well.

According to the Bible the one who does wrong has been ensnared by an unseen enemy. No one who sins sees exactly what they are doing in the complete light of God's truer perspective or the clear knowledge of exactly how they are being taken advantage of by their personal enemy!

3) Your Blindness.

Anytime we get steamed up with indignant judgments, we have become obstructed by pride and forget all about the immensity of our own misdeeds. We say, "I would never do that!" This can make it very hard to release the offense.

Our heavenly Friend provides a "way of rescue" from these ungracious judgments. He reminds us that we are able to do nothing good without Him and it is purely by His suffering on our behalf that we are forgiven and saved.

Simply let the view of your own sins (of desire, word and deed) bring back your spiritual sight. We are all sinners in great need of kindness and mercy.

Next take it one step farther. Jesus contrasts the stern judgment in our eye to a shaft and the transgressor's deed to a fragment. In our viewpoint we happily make allowances for our bitter judgments, but in Jesus' view our unforgiveness is truly the larger wrong.

4) Pity For Them.

This is an irrefutable truth: That individual who mistreated you or your loved one didn't start out in the world with that in mind. That person came to our planet as a newborn wishing only to be caressed, loved and nourished. Something went amiss.

An assault via an unseen foe penetrated their childlike purity and started carrying them along the dimmed, warped passageways of self survival. They are "acting out" of their own hurt . Haven't you ?

Of course, they are answerable for their wrong responses. Still, their Savior always notes their deep pain and preserves tenderness in His loving heart for them, even as He works to correct them. Aren't you delighted Jesus is this way with you?

5) The The Reward Due to Jesus.

Let's "take the gloves off" for this last motivation. That individual you detest and blame is someone for whom Jesus died a horrible death to answer for his or her wickedness. Jesus yearns to have that person in the next life with Him!

Our bitter judgment is the direct contradiction of what Jesus carried out by going to the cross. It is clearly the personality of the wicked one in us, not the quality of our all new life in Christ.

Whenever we have been deeply mistreated, we are truly in the very best conceivable position to intercede with legitimate authority for the liberation of that person from a snare of the evil one-- their enemy and ours. We team up with Jesus on the mercy seat interceding with Him!

Why should you forgive? Reclaim your spiritual health, inner peace and liberty of spirit through these 5 motivations. They have been sent to us from a heavenly frame of reference which is always better for our hearts.

Let these reasons power you up to give the injury, the hurt and the person to the Lord and to trust Him with it all.

That's what forgiveness is--that and the sweet feeling of freedom and a restored life.


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