7 Handy Hints To Managing Your Affiliate Relationships

Published: 17th June 2015
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It's obvious to both affiliate managers and marketer, that the key to success in such business is good partnerships between affiliate partners. Here are some useful tips in boosting your affiliate marketing relationships:.

1. Adapt your affiliate's availability and chosen methods of communication.

You must understand that most of your affiliates can't take care of their affiliate program 24/7 round the clock. Some of them may have a day job while others may need to run errands or have responsibilities to attend to during the day. This means, they won't be capable to take a phone call or answer your emails right away.

As much as you want your affiliates to create enough commissions that would allow them to be a full-time marketer, you should also know their life's or job's situation and availability. Ask them what's the best times and ways you can contact them and adapt to their choices.

2. Understand the needs of your affiliates and create new ideas and compelling programs.

The best affiliate managers examine their affiliate's website(s), ask suitable questions, and take note of their answers. From there, they are able to have the ability to understand what they need, and bring new ideas and programs that will give them opportunities to earn and become more successful in their affiliate programs.

To establish compelling offers, you should consider doing a study of your competitor's commission structure, and try to outperform that.

3. Be open to criticisms from your affiliates.

It may seem challenging, but if you want the best advice, don't think twice in asking your affiliates for constructive criticism and guidance on how you can further improve your affiliate programs. You should do this by asking questions through email or via a short survey.

It would be far better if you enable your affiliates to give free-form feedback. Just make sure to thank them particularly if they submit their comments personally. It's also advisable to send out a summary of the results and the actions you wish to take as a response to their suggestions. This is the best way to show your affiliates that their point of view matters a lot to you.

4. Interact with your affiliate marketers frequently.

As discussed above, creating a good communication link between managers and affiliates is the most effective way to improve affiliate partnerships. Apart from regularly updating their affiliates about the situation of their programs and their new promotions, supervisors should always be at hand to help and support their affiliates. You should always respond to their inquiries despite how big or how significant their queries are.

5. Supply your affiliates with the resources they need.

It is also the affiliate manager's job to provide their marketers with useful resources that will help them become prosperous within this online money making endeavor. You can provide them with both soft and hard copies of the data or materials that will make them more knowledgeable about your brand, products and target customers. You can prevent privacy issues by updating your affiliate program's Terms and include privacy info.

6. Be efficient when dealing with your affiliates.

In affiliate management, good character can really go a long way. It's important that your affiliates know the real person behind the emails you send and the person their speaking to over the phone. Just be yourself; keep in mind that it's your personality that will make you memorable.

7. Offer deeper discounts, more discount coupons and special deals to top affiliates.

Nothing beats special offers and promos in earning the trust and devotion of your affiliate marketers. If possible, offer bigger discounts or price markdowns on end-of-season clearance items. Clients love coupons too, so marketers are more thorough in promoting them. Work with coupon sites and supply your marketers with such. It also pays to present rewards or special offers to top marketers. This is a great way to acknowledge their effort and high sales. Gain the trust and loyalty of your affiliate marketers on a regular basis.

Keep in mind: if your affiliates know that they are enrolled in a good and fair affiliate program, they will be more motivated in choosing ways to improve their sales and productivity. It is the team effort between the manager and the affiliates that will make their affiliate marketing business more successful and profitable.


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