7 Reasons Why Silicone Baking Mats are a Chefs Delight.

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Published: 28th November 2016
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A silicone mat for baking can be a cooks delight. A Simplicity baking mat is a high quality brand that will delight cooks of all levels of expertise. Here are the top 7 reasons for the cooks' delight.

1. They Are Non-Stick
If you buy a non-stick cookie sheet, you will find that cookies and other baked goods still stick. Even a professional baking sheet with a non-stick coating would be more accurately called stick-resistant. A silicone baking mat is truly non-stick. That's why non-stick silicone sheet liners were created. Applying a coating to a pan doesn't work that well. In the long run, the coatings scratch off and the pans are ruined. So, it makes more sense to buy a high quality cookie sheet without a non-stick coating and use your Simplicity baking mat to protect it.

2. They Make Clean-Up Easier
Because they are non-stick, the mats make clean-up easier. All cooks appreciate that. Spending time in the kitchen is great but spending less time in the kitchen cleaning up is better.

3. They Make It Easier to Roll Out the Dough
In addition to being oven-safe, a silicone baking mat can be used to roll out the dough. It makes rolling out the dough easier, because the dough doesn't stick to the surface. It may still stick to your rolling pin or your hands but it's not going to stick to the mat and that makes rolling out the dough an easier process.

4. Cookies and Other Baked Goods Slide Right off The Simplicity Baking Mats
A silicone baking mat can take the place of bakery release paper. You will find that cookies and other baked goods slide right off of the mat. There's no need to scrape. You can use a plastic spatula to lift the baked goods off but you don't need it to "pull" the cookies of the sheet.

5. Cooking Without Oil Means Healthier Meals
Most cooks are trying to make healthier meals. One way to make any meal healthier is to use less oil. Because the surface of a silicone mat is non-stick, there is no need to use oil or shortening to prevent sticking. So, that means all of your baked goods will be healthier when you use a Simplicity baking mat.

6. They Are Reusable and Long-Lasting
Bakery release paper is a single use item. The same is true of parchment paper and similar items. A Simplicity baking mat can be used over and over again. It will survive thousands of uses and keep going strong. Being reusable also means that it is a green alternative and many of today's cooks are trying to go green. It is also environmentally safe, not a toxin. Silicone is a naturally occurring element found in rocks and soil. So, when the mats need to be disposed of, for whatever reason, it is safe to throw them away.

7. They Are Microwave and Freezer Safe
Few cooking tools are microwave, freezer and oven-safe. The Simplicity baking mat can go from freezer, to microwave, to oven and then to the top rack of the dishwasher, if you want.
Those are the big 7 reasons that cooks are delighted with a silicone mat. The Simplicity brand is even more delightful.

About Dragon Bakeware.
Dragon Bakeware was established in October, 2013 with an interest in Silicone Bakeware and it's simplicity of use and process of utilizing it in the home kitchens to the commercial markets. Simplicity Baking Mats are guaranteed to standards set by Dragon Bakeware that consist of quality control to ensure that all products conforms to FDA Standards, and meets all clients expectations. This is our Guarantee to you.

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