7 Shaving suggestions for men

Published: 22nd November 2016
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Today's high quality shaving accessories and products should make it easy getting a good shave with soft and healthy skin. This is why a growing number of men today look ahead to the fun routine activity of shaving with stylish razors, brushes, smooth shaving creams and fantastic antioxidant-packed aftershave balms. In actual fact, with the right shaving tips, you no longer have to put up with daily bumps, soreness, razor burns and nick and cuts related to shaving.

1. You should always shave with a sharp razor blade as dull blades only produce itching and nicks. Ideally, you must take out the old blade and replace it with brand new one once a week.

Don? t use the same blade continuously just to save a couple of pennies. For regular use, you need to get a razor which has a nicely weighted handle. Low-cost disposable razors do not serve the function effectively.

2. Use a shaving brush, and not your fingers to lather up. This guarantees more desirable and improved shave outcomes for you and also helps to prevent skin irritation. Take a small quantity of shaving lotion or cream and lather it up with warm to hot water and shaving brush. To get a good shave, you simply need a thin and even coating of lather over the skin. If the lather is excessive, it could cause the razor blades to get clogged up and the results might not be good.

3. The advantage of using shaving brush for lathering is that it lifts the beard and softens the facial hair. Because of this you can get a close and clean shave. Furthermore, skin irritation and razor burns may be prevented to a considerable extent. After using the shaving brush, make sure that it is thoroughly rinsed with clean water.

4. It is always a good idea to perform the shaving routine during or after taking a shower. The facial hair will get softened by the warm water. This will make the razor to work better thereby you have a clean shave. Before shaving your face, simply expose your face to mild steam or water for three to five minutes. Even if you are in a rush do make certain you thoroughly wet the facial hair before starting the shaving routine.

5. Always gently shave in the direction of your beard growth. Don't put too much pressure on the razor as it merely causes unnecessary scraping of your skin. The spots where you have got thick hair growth ought to be done lastly because the shaving lotion will have more time to soften the hair. To improve results, repeatedly rinse your razor blade in hot water.

6. Don't purchase a low quality shaving cream or gel just to reduce expenses. Check the ingredient list of the shaving gel and make certain that it contains superior ingredients. Stay away from the low-priced gels, creams or foams sold at drugstores as they often have numbing and irritating ingredients such as potassium, mint, alcohol, menthol, camphor, sodium hydroxide and benzocaine. Such kind of lotions and gels offer only poor results. Using lather of regular soap for shaving your face is not a good option because it leads to skin dryness.

7. After shaving clean your face thoroughly with fresh water and then apply some alcohol-free after shave lotion or skin moisturizer. This helps to prevent soreness and dryness of skin. The moisturizer will hydrate the skin cells thereby making it feel soft and fresh.

After shave moisturizers or lotions that contain alcohol could cause stinging sensation on the fresh skin layer.

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