8 Smart Methods to Write SEO Friendly content

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Published: 10th January 2017
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Why we need to rank have high ranking on search engine results? Well, the answer is to this question is so simple. People today are using search engines to look up information about everything from finding sport scores to buying a new car. Therefore, it is crucial for brands to rank high in the search for keywords in their services.

Even if you are effectively optimizing your content and are focusing on using relevant keywords, keep one thing in mind that you are writing for people first and not just the search engines.

Here are 8 Strategies that will help article writing services or any article writer to create more SEO friendly content:

Avoid Keyword Stuffing: Previously, multiple keywords are added to rank higher in search results. But, Google has thrown away this practice commonly called keyword stuffing. So, you should avoid this practice if you want to rank higher.

Originality of Content: If you publish original and fresh content on a regular basis, your site must rank well in search results. Write about topics you are truly passionate and knowledgeable. Do not copy content from other websites.

Compelling Headlines: Article headline need to grab reader's attention right away. The more engagement your article generates, more it will be visible on search engines. Therefore, always include a relevant keyword, and for that conduct a keyword research on search terms your customers are likely to use in search queries.

Repetition: Once you have chosen your keyword phrase, repeat it several times throughout the page. For example: 2 times in the first paragraph, once in the main heading, in every sub-heading twice in the meta title, 2 to 4 times throughout the document, and 2-3 times in links and image alt text on the page.

Format of your Article: Make sure that your articles are formatted correctly and are easy to read and follow. You can do this by doing the following:
• Use subheadings
• Use lists
• Use paragraphs
• Use bullet points

Add Inbound and Outbound links: If your article is relating some other article, already present on your website, don't forget to provide the link to that article. This would be beneficial for your website. Also, sometimes include links from reputable sites, which in turn, will help you in establishing authority and trust.

Proofreading: Quality is the key, if you want people to engage and share your articles. So, always check spelling and grammar before publishing any article. Readers are unlikely to return if your content is sloppy and full of mistakes.

Use Meta Descriptions and Meta tags: This is the description that is included below the title in a search result. An eye-catching meta description will increase the click-ability of your posts.

If you implement these SEO practices, definitely your website's search engine ranking will have a dramatic positive impact. Also, even if you are hiring ">article writing services to provide you with content, make sure that they follow these practices.

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