9 "Unacceptable" Things About Yourself--Yet God Desires You To Like And Accept Yourself Despite Th

Published: 17th August 2015
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Isn't a blessing that God accepts and loves you just as you are?

Our God has reconciled Himself completely to us. He is not even imputing our sins to us! This is the good news.

Yet many of us hold anger for all manner of wrongs against our self. Stop being so mean to yourself! You can accept yourself even with these "unacceptable" points.

1) Past Hurtful Situations

Almost all of us went through things that we wish we hadn't been there to experience!

Why not learn from what God does? The Lord looks straight at the evil, stands against it, shares in our pain, and gets motivated by it to go to work setting things in place that will cause it to work for our good. Accept that it happened, fully release it to your loving Father and be confident that He will redeem it! True inner peace will come back .

2) An Unsettling Ignorance

Don't you get angry when someone shames you for lacking knowledge?

In reality we all are hugely uninformed of what is out there to be known of the visible world , much less the invisible things of God. Let ego take the hit on this and cease attempting to "know it all." Envision yourself as a pupil for all of eternity! Your "personal coach" is the very best, most gentle Instructor in the universe.

3) Family of Origin

Your family may have been a painful pill to swallow, but it's far too late to do something about it, right? Well, that just might be where you are dead wrong!

Our all-loving Father decided on our family and our racial heritage for entirely good purposes. There are blessings in our generational line that God wants to impart and there are distinct ways we have been forged by it for ministering to the people in our world.

4) Weakness

More often than not we dislike our weak points and prize our strong points.

Let your perspective drastically change. It wasn't your strengths that brought you to spiritual rebirth and it will not be your strengths that procure your growth. We learn to put all our hope in our faithful Friend because of our weaknesses! They are patient teachers which bring us back to Christ and show us our need to trust Him.

5) Poor Choices

Probably none of us wish to make foolish decisions, but hating ourselves over it is in itself a wrong choice!

The Lord plainly is reconciled to the fact that we are disposed to error and we will constantly be in need of His rescue. Mercifully, He loves to come to save us. He will never reproach us for our bone-headed mistakes, but is truly willing to help us learn and grow!

6) Your Current Limitations

Imagine that Joni Eareckson Tada had refused to live her life and her God because of the horrible reality of her paralysis. She says she cannot conceive of any way she might have inspired the countless millions she has touched--had she not been " constricted" within the limits of the paralysis.

God may remove the limits that hinder us, but we must learn how to trust in Him with ready hope believing that there is no limitation He at a loss to work around or work through even as we wait.

7) Issues Embeded in Your Personality

Did you sometimes have fun with Chinese handcuffs? The harder you strive to get free the firmer you feel them clasping you.

Problems in our personality function like that. Go out of your way to be patient and you will swiftly realize how impatient you are! The Lord's way of grace beautifully works for us as we cast the weight of what needs to change on God and then continue to be willing to do whatever He may point out to us.

8) Your Sinful Flesh

Plenty of Christians are intimidated by their sinful nature and dread it that they are saddled with it. That's not our God's way!

Jesus truly accepts it is inside us and is in no urgency to lift it out. That thing won't be removed until we pass away! He is merely telling us not to dress up in it and go about in it, but to take on Christ and live in His Spirit instead.

9) Your Physical Appearance

Where are you focused? On you? That sounds like self-worship. How you look like to others? Seems like a lot of effort.

Put your eyes on the Lord. He says He sees someone He wants to pursue when He looks at you--you have lured His heart! He wants you endlessly with Him. The ironical thing is that each time we refocus and let Him enchant our heart our visage radiates with a loveliness Clinique can't touch!

Through what Jesus accomplished by taking our punishment our Father fully accepts us just as we are.

Don't thwart the grace that is provided to you! Choose to accept every "unacceptable" thing about yourself and observe your life in Christ take off to new heights. Self acceptance is the entrance to emotional healing and a high-flying life in the Spirit!


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