A Glance At The Krav Maga Technique For Self Defense

Published: 08th May 2020
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An Overview Of The Krav Maga Method Of Self Defense

Krav Maga is a martial art that started in Israel about 70 years ago. It has become really popular in the United States and other countries in recent years, largely because of its focus on practical self defense methods. Krav Maga is not for people who want to learn martial arts for sports or meditation purposes, but strictly for self defense. This article will give you a look at Krav Maga and help you determine if this is something you prefer to learn.

One of the key tactics that is taught in Krav Maga is to defend yourself then attack straight away. This principle is built on the concept that defense and offense are essential in combat situations. Other martial arts teach how to block without a rapid follow up offensive action. It is vital that you rapidly counter attack when you have just deflected an attacker's move particularly if they are much stronger or bigger than you. In Krav Maga, you learn to avoid an attack such as a strike or grab, and then react with a deadly action of your own that will leave the attacker powerless.

Krav Maga isn't just about physical movements, it is also about strategy. One of the crucial points you are going to learn is to avoid trouble as much as possible. It's important that you are watchful and conscious of the environment around you. If you know a specific place is not safe, simply avoid it. In case you do get attacked, you need to respond instantaneously and efficiently. This could mean grabbing any thing that's around you and turning it into a weapon. Since Krav Maga isn't a sport, there aren't traditional rules you need to observe. The thing you want to do is to eliminate your opponent.

The best way to learn Krav Maga is to join a class or hire an instructor in your area. If no Krav Maga courses are available, then you could invest in videos that teach you some of the techniques. But you're probably better off training with a live trainer given that they can help you with mental conditioning. You can easily miss a number of key tactics if you only practice by watching videos or reading a manual. As Krav Maga grows more popular, it's getting much easier to locate instructors and schools in many places.

For mastering pragmatic self defense techniques, there is likely nothing better than Krav Maga. Best of all, you can learn how to protect yourself in a relatively short time, compared to many other martial arts where it can take years before you can use the techniques effectively. Although the primary focus of Krav Maga is self defense, it is also a fantastic way to exercise and keep fit.

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