A good User Experience

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Published: 06th February 2017
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Before defining the features of a good user experience (UX), let me define what a user experience is? A user experience is an experience of a user while he was interacting with a product. The feel that comes to users while using any service or product is called the user experience.
There are some questions regarding UX, like does the product being used brings any value to user?
Is it easy to use?
Does user experience fun while using the product?
Is it efficient?
A good UX has a "yes" to all questions above.
In case of online websites and web applications, UX combines various elements of the system like graphics, visuals, animations, interface designs, texts and seamless experience for the users. The UX should be same while developing the project and remain same after the launch of the product. It is tightly linked to systems and website so a great idea while developing the UX will later result in various benefits.
To make a good UX it is essential have a good UI i.e. user interface. It is the interface which is experienced by the user while interacting with the product. Here is a list of the elements about user experience which must be kept in mind while developing it.
To build a great user experience, building an interface is not sufficient; it requires much more to build a user appealing UX. It starts with the planning stage and goes on till the product is launched. Even some updates are provided after the launch to gain 100% user satisfaction. Good user experience is just about learning the user requirements, doing researches about latest technologies and imagining how the product will affect the lives of the end-user.
The first thing is that the product will perform everything it suggests. It should perform all tasks that it says it can do with minimum efforts applied from the user's side.

A good user experience does not come in between users and the system they are using. The UX must work in background magically so that user does not face any issue with the UX and feels enjoyment and joy while using your creation.
There is nothing which can be praised by everyone. Nothing can cause satisfaction among everyone. Your UX should be built with a target audience. If you are thinking that you can build a UX to satisfy everyone, then it is a big mistake. Instead of targeting everyone, narrow down your circle and design a UX for specific group of people so that they can enjoy your design.
Your UX will guide your users throughout their interaction with the system.
This is a world where a system can be used from any corner of the world on any device so try to build a user experience that makes sure that the user experience is consistent across all the platforms.
A good UX does not depend or gets bound with the platform or the technology it is being used on.


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