A humanoid animal or a human being?

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Published: 06th February 2017
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An animal is a living creature that is instinctively integrated within the system of nature, automatically following nature's laws contributing the "circle of life" in a harmless, benevolent way, existing based on natural necessities and available resources.

Humans at the moment are also existing by inherent instincts, except that our basic instincts are "unnatural". Although we also exist within the same natural system, by the same laws our "inherently misguided" instincts tell us we are unique, individual and independent, so we keep on creating a human system that is artificial, against nature and thus it is failing again and again.

But just as animals we act automatically without free choice, following our inherent instincts. The addition in humans compared to animals is the potential for critical self-assessment, and as a result
of revealing the "misguided, evil" basic instinct in us we can build a yearning for self-correction. We arrive to the self-recognition and the desire for change through the perpetual suffering humanity goes through until we awaken to our human capability of self-assessment.

Since this is all in the plan of evolution, to "create" a species that can consciously, in full awareness become the intelligent mind of the natural system, as soon as our yearning for self change is formed the Force of evolution immediately accepts it and facilitates, performs our "benevolent mutation".

According Michael Laitman such a change doesn't make us like any other animal instinctively adapted to the system. The "benevolent mutation" simply gives us the chance to start existing above our inherent nature, more precisely in between the optimal, "corrected animal" and the original "evil, destructive animal". The new observer balancing in between the two extremes is the "human being". So we don't become "sweet little bunnies" or "sacred angels" but more like "reformed criminals" in constant inner war.

But it is exactly through this constant inner war, scrutiny that we learn all the details, intricacies of the system, understanding its plan, direction, cause and effect processes, acquiring the "qualifications" of becoming enrollment caretakers of the system.

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