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Published: 04th June 2017
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You are whisking past a lilac bush on your way to an important meeting and all of sudden an image of you at your grandmaís house playing tag with your cousins pops into your head. You havenít thought about that memory in ages! What made you think of it? Then the wafting smell of the lilac bush filters through your nostrils. Thatís right! Your grandmaís backyard was lined with lilac bushes!

It is amazing what scent memories can do. You donít realize it, but in your brain you have stored hundreds of memories involving scents. The scent of burned fireworks makes you think of that 4th of July when your family sat under the night sky at the old high school watching the fireworks. The aroma of cinnamon reminds you of those delicious cinnamon rolls your mom used to make on special holidays. The stinky smell of manure reminds you of the first time you rode a horse. The cologne scent your boyfriend was wearing reminds you of the excitement of your first kiss. It goes on and on.

So what is so important about these memories? How do they impact your life? Consider your home. What does it smell like? What scent memory are people going to take with them when they visit? I have a neighbor whose home always smells like cloves and cinnamon. Whenever my kids smell that scent, they comment that it reminds them of Loryís home. So sweet! But what if your home doesnít have a pleasant aroma? What kind of scent memory are you leaving with the people that reside in your home and the people that visit? It is amazing to me that people spend so much time and effort in decorating their homes and then donít bother to think about how their home smells. I had an experience once where I went to a personís home for the first time and it smelled of dirty diapers. I was immediately reminded of a friendís house I use to play at as a child. My scent memory of their home is dirty diapers! Wow! I never realized that I had such a memory! And then I started thinking about my homeís scent memory and how friends/family would be reminded of my home. I knew I wanted to make that memory a good one! But how?

There are a lot of ways to scent your home these days. The candle industry is a 4 billion dollar industry alone. There are also oils, incense, sprays, etc. So much to choose from! You want to choose something that is safe, effective, and does not damage your home. Scentsy took the concept of the candle and made it both safer and cleaner. They use decorative, electric, ceramic candle warmers and paired them with a soft scented wax bar to create a wonderful aroma without the worry of your house catching fire or soot damaging your walls. You simply plug in your warmer, plop in a square of your favorite Scentsy wax and enjoy! No worries about your house burning down or soot damaging your walls or your lungs. Many donít realize that candles you burn produce soot that coats your house. It takes a few candles to start noticing the damage, but if you look at where your ceiling and wall meet you will see black stripes caused by the burning candles. That is not what you want in your home! You want something that serves a positive purpose.

I love the way Scentsy candle warmers serve two purposes. They create awesome scent memories and they help decorate your home. No more ugly candle jars! I have so much fun swapping out my Halloween warmer for my Thanksgiving warmer and then my Christmas warmer to my Valentines warmer. Each holiday is a different warmer! So fun! And of course I have my warmer that I use all year round as well.

So whether you want family and friends to remember your home by the smell of cinnamon, lemon, coconut, or baked apple pie, you will know it will be a memory to savor! www.useperfectscents.com https://annas.scentsy.us

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