A Project Management Tool Helps Businesses To Grow and Profit More

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Published: 19th November 2016
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Businesses want to grow and expand more. This would allow them to enhance their base and cater to the growing needs of an increased number of clients and customers, so they can earn and profit more. For achieving such objectives, they undertake projects and plans. These projects have to be operated within the allocated budget, time, resources and other constraints.

These have to be managed in an organized, planned and scheduled manner so that various tasks and activities in them can be distributed properly among various team members who can executed them in a timely and orderly manner. This would lead to successful accomplishment of the projects.

Managing projects sounds easy but it is far from easy.

This is because a project gets affected by various kinds of changes that can be internal or external to a business. For example once a business commences with the execution of a project, it may discover that cost of some materials used for managing a project have significantly increased or it may find that a new government ruling has been announced that will result in increased taxation for it or some members leaving a project or a project sponsor starts putting pressure on the business to finish its project earlier than scheduled. These can be some of the changes that can affect a project's smooth functioning and put extra pressure on its budget and resources, but there can be many other sudden and unexpected changes that can drastically affect a project's working.

If it is unable to quickly track such changes and take effective measures to counter their effect, a project's working would be severely affected and it is likely to be doomed sooner than later. For better tracking and for prompt resolution of theirs, an enterprising solution needs to be adopted.

An online project management tool like ProofHub enables a business to quickly identify any such inconsistencies and resolve them firmly and promptly, so its project continues to move along nicely. It enables better management over a project and ensures that its tasks, activities and processes get executed in a planned, organized and scheduled manner.

It drastically improves communication and collaboration among team members working over a project and they can conveniently and instantly communicate and collaborate over various matters and resolve them fast and effectively. This improves their efficiency besides saving their time and effort. The geographical distances between them cease to exist as they can communicate in a quality and fast manner. Thus they can better maintain connectivity with each other even if they are based in different parts of the world. A business can save a huge sum of money as need not conduct any physical meetings involving its members for resolution of matters.

A business can better communicate and collaborate with its clients, customers, sponsors and other important individuals and agencies over matters of mutual interest. It can better update them about the progress achieved over various tasks and activities in its projects. This makes its stand even more clear over them and they can better trust it for its commitment and transparency. This boosts its reputation and it can better bond with them.

Tasks can be better distributed to various team members through its To-do's feature. As tasks are clearly and elaborately described in them, team members face no real difficulty in understanding their tasks and are able to perform them in a timely and orderly manner. Every time a task approaches its due date, a timely email reminder is sent to the specific member who has been assigned that specific task. This helps him to timely execute it without forgetting or missing it. Thus team members can work in more efficient manner and they are more accountable for their tasks. The status of their tasks can be better tracked and controlled.

Its customization feature helps a business to insert its logo and use other branding options for boosting its mass appeal. This helps its team members, clients, customers and other important stakeholders to get emotionally connected with it which helps to spread a word about it.

Its milestones and events can be better documented, highlighted, tracked and conducted through its calendar feature. As a milestone consists of a set of unique tasks, progress over such tasks helps to know the exact progress achieved over a milestone and it can be clearly known if it is being achieved in a timely and required manner. Similarly important events like meetings and others can be held in a timely and mandatory manner. If a meeting is scheduled at a specific date and time, all members associated with it will be intimated through emails, so they can participate in it in a timely manner without missing it. Thus important events and milestones can be better taken care of and smoothly conducted.

Its Gantt chart feature helps a project manager to know the exact level of completion of various tasks and activities in a given project. As members fill on a daily basis, the exact level of completion of their tasks, a project manager can accurately gauge progress over their assigned tasks. As all tasks are given start and due dates, there is a lot more clarity in assessing their progress. Moreover tasks can be easily differentiated from each other from their specific colors. All tasks in a project can be seen at the same place, so a project manager need not inspect each and every task individually. This saves his time and efforts and he can better focus on a project.

Any rescheduling of tasks can be easily done. Any inconsistencies or risks that can arise in a project can be quickly known to the project manager and he can resolve these promptly and effectively by taking adequate measures, so a project's working does not get affected and it continues to proceed in a smooth manner. This feature helps a project manager to analyze how a project is progressing and if it is on the right track, by having a clear and concise look at its various tasks. If he finds something wrong in a project's working, he can quickly take measures and help it to come back on track.

He can share a Gantt chart with his team members and with his clients, customers, sponsors and other stakeholders to give them a fair idea about how a project is progressing. The team members can fairly assess their progress over their assigned tasks which helps them to improve their individual performance. Stakeholders also get a clear idea over the status of a project.

A project management tool helps in organized and scheduled execution of tasks and activities in a project and it can be accomplished in a timely and successful manner within the allocated budget, time and resources. Thus it can better achieve its objectives and a business is able to boost its growth and profitability.

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