A Selection Of Doors Available For Your Home

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Published: 30th April 2020
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When it comes to choosing new doors for you home, you will find yourself overwhelmed with the amount of options available to you. Doors are the finishing touch to your home, so whether itís choosing a new front door, or choosing a door which creates added space and extra room for enjoyment of your garden, you will find that each one has it own unique properties.

When choosing to remodel your home, you need to ensure that your doors are not only stylish and desirable, but theyíre also functional too. This means that they need to be able to withstand everyday use - especially if itís a front door - and they need to be secure enough to protect your property against intruders or any possible damage.

Most doors are made with a tough glass reinforced plastic (also known as GRP) outer skin, with a rigid foam infill panel. This ensures that the doors are sound and draught proof, meaning no heat is able to escape, and no cold air is able to enter your home. As your new doors will be draught and soundproof, this will provide you with greater levels of comfort, added peace of mind and complete energy efficiency. The heat insulation that your doors provide will supply you with heat insulation up to six times the amount when compared to a traditional timber door.

Front doors can come in a whole range including coloured doors, panel doors, standard doors and composite doors. Composite doors are manufactured in a exquisite technique, meaning that a deep, crisp detailing in your door panel is achievable. This will then create the appearance of a hand crafted detailed finish. Composite doors are available in both a single or a double design, including a smooth and effortless opening and closing.

If however youíre after a door which enables you to make the most of your outside space, then a range of doors including patio doors and bi-folding doors is able to you. Patio doors are a brilliant way of letting you enjoy the fresh and warm outside atmosphere from the comfort of your home, whilst giving you an excellent view of your outside space. They also give you greater natural light, creating a positive and fresh feel. Due to this, patio doors have been customers choice for decades. The design of your patio doors can provide the ultimate flexible system, with a choice of 2, 3 or 4 paned doors available, with the possible option to add side windows. The design of your patio doors is purely dependant on the size of your property.

Front door installation companies in Cambridge offer long lasting and maintenance free installation, with products guaranteed to last you for years to come. Their door and window products are also specially formulated to ensure that your doors will not discolour, or go yellow.

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