A Super Simple Way To Make Your Own Herbal Hair Gel

Published: 16th April 2010
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If you know anything about what hair gels contain you might be worried as to what these chemicals can do to your hair . You might have heard all about the hazards of professional shampoos and hair gels. The fact is that they'll clog up your hair pores and quite slowly but surely suffocate your follicles of hair which will result in potential hair loss. Commercial hair gels also normally have chemicals and fillers that strip out natural oils and dry up your Hair. If you use it often you will end up with hair loss and a dry itchy scalp. You need sebum in your scalp because it encourages faster hair growth.

Well in this post I will take the time to share with you simple steps to make a natural herbal hair gel. When it comes to making a hair gel you will need gelatin. Gelatin mind you is mostly a protein compound constructed from the collagen that is found in animal bones, skin along with animal areas of the body

Here is what you need to make one application of this herbal hair gel. You will need a tbsp of gelatin (you could find this in any health food store) and you will also need a cup of warm water. To help make this gel: Simply dissolve the gelatin gradually into the warm water. You should take steps to stir the gelatin in until it's fully blended into the hot water. You mix the two until you have a thick gel like paste.

Now comes the part to make this hair gel a herbal hair gel. To make this happen you will need the appropriate hair growth herbs. The ideal herbs are Amla, Neem, and natural aloe-vera, Eclipta Alba, hibiscus and so many more. They should hall help strengthen your mane and help grow your hair longer. If you want an effective hair gel then you will need to find herbs which are both potent and strong. Almost all the herbs you'll find in the market are often weak and diluted. So search for just the finest quality herbs-they tend to be high in price!

So assume we choose the herb hibiscus. You can easily take that herb, boil it in some water and then allow it to cool. When you are done sift the herbs out from the cooled water. Take that herb water and gently mix the gelatin with all the herb water you need until you have a gel. You now have your own home made gel, use it just like you would the usual herbal hair gel. Simple take a little and rub the gel between your hands and model your hair as necessary. This is all it takes to make your own personal herbal hair gel

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