Abs Exercise and Workout

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Published: 06th February 2017
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Nowadays doing ab exercise has become quiet essential. There are many reasons to it. Firstly, to keep yourself healthy and secondly is to appear nice and smart. You also need to perform abdominal exercises to keep your abdominal section toned. Research has shown that people who have bulky abs have more risk of heart attack and hypertension.
Most common ab exercises are crunches. They are easy and you can do these at home. They include the simple crunch, reverse crunch and supine bicycle.
A simple crunch is also simple to perform, in this you need to lie down on the floor and raise your legs so that your knees make a 90 degree angle. Clasp your hands at the back of your head. Now raise your upper body towards your thighs as much as you can and slowly release your torso back but your head should not touch the floor as you have to repeat the same step ten times. You need to take care of the breathing, exhale when youíre in the upright position and exhale when releasing your torso.
Reverse crunch is also performed the same way, in this you lie straight and bring your knees towards your body and cross the feet at ankles. Hands should be placed next to the body. Now without using your hands try to lift your buttocks and hold this position for 5 to 10 seconds and then release. Breathing should be the same as simple crunch.
The bicycle supine is performed the same way you ride a bicycle, only the difference is that this you do while lying on the floor. What you have to do is lie on the floor and clasp your hands at the back of your head. Your hands should only support your head and donít try to use your neck as it may cause an injury. Now raise your knees to your stomach, and slowly move one leg straight out away from your body. Then bring the first leg back and move the other one out the same way you do with bicycle. Repeat it as many times you can.
The above ab exercises are for the beginners. However when you wish to do start with the strenuous ones you need to go to a gym or buy the equipment used to perform those exercises. There are many of them used for ab exercising which are like the exercise wheels, abdominal straps, push up bars, ab hangers, exercising balls and bicycles.
Using an ab wheel is very easy. You begin with placing your knees side by side and grip each side of the wheel with your hands. Now slowly roll the wheel away from you and descend towards the floor until your hands are outstretched over your head but donít have to lower down your upper body. Now you will reverse back to the starting position arching your back. Remember to exhale when you do this final movement.
Ab straps are also helpful in performing ab exercises. These straps have hook on the top which seem like a key chain hole. These hooks are attached to pull-up bars and in this way you pull up your body holding the straps without touching the ground.
Push-up-bars are used to work out with arm, chest and back muscles. you need to know the proper way of using the push-up-bar as in the beginning you might not get a firm grip on it and you may also feel pain.
Exercises related to the lower abdominal section of your body require ab Hangers. These are available in two types i.e the hook style and the loop style. Ab hangers are specially designed for the males who like to make a 6 pack body.
Ab exercise is very useful in shaping your body but you need to be very careful when you start as a beginner and when you go for the strenuous exercises you must consult a doctor before beginning. No need to put extra pressure on any of the body parts where it isnít required.

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