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Published: 30th April 2020
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A powerful and feature-rich universal software suite for managing your mobile phone on a PC, MOBILedit is easy to use and provides you with unrestricted access to all of your mobile data. Once you have installed the software, you'll be able to connect your smartphone to your PC either using a USB cable, a wireless Internet connection or Bluetooth. With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, you'll have immediate access to all of the data stored on your device, allowing you to make changes, synchronize things like contacts and messages and much more. It comes in particularly handy in situations such as when you want to add or edit large numbers of contacts, emails or messages. After all, being able to edit the data on your phone using a mouse and keyboard is a far more efficient process than relying solely on a small touchscreen.

Back Up Your Data

Given their small size and the fact that we tend to take them around everywhere with us, mobile phones do have a habit of getting stolen or lost. While this is bad enough by itself, losing all of your contacts, pictures, messages and other data can make the situation much worse. Fortunately, with MOBILedit, you'll be able to synchronize such data and copy everything over to your computer for a safe and secure backup. You'll also have the opportunity to link or unlink you contacts between various different accounts, such as Facebook, Gmail and, of course, any locally stored contacts. In fact, MOBILedit features a contacts optimizer utility that can also resolve duplicate entries and fix other related issues with just a couple of clicks.

Enjoy Full Control Over Your Media

Smartphones are often used in place of digital cameras these days, but many people don't get around to keeping their photos and videos synchronized with their computers and online accounts. Others might have an old smartphone containing lots of pictures that they want to get copied over to their computers. The great thing about MOBILedit is that it is a truly universal solution. In fact, you can even use IrDA for accessing media collections on old phones which use this now dated wireless protocol. In other words, even if you have lost the cable, it shouldn't be a problem. Thanks to the intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you'll be able to copy over your data in minimal time.

Automated Backups

MOBILedit ensures that your precious mobile data is always kept safe thanks to its automated scheduled backup utility. This feature works with any local storage device or the cloud. Thousands of different phones are supported, regardless of the operating system they use. Whether it's a Blackberry, Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Symbian, Meego or Bada device, you'll always be able to access your data. Even smartphones that have long been rendered obsolete are fully supported by MOBILedit.

Whether you're migrating to a new device, even one with a completely different operating system, or wanting to access data on any other smartphone, MOBILedit provides you with everything you need. You can find out more at .

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