Access Smartphone Data Backups with Elcomsoft Phone Breaker

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Published: 06th February 2017
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Elcomsoft Phone Breaker allows you to access data from password-protected Blackberry or Apple smartphone backups that you can no longer access. This powerful password-recovery tool supports all Blackberry smartphones and Apple devices running the latest iOS platform, such as iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Recover Online Backups from Windows Live or Apple iCloud

If the original user credentials for the account are known, Elcomsoft Phone Breaker allows you to retrieve data from Windows Live and Apple iCloud services. In the case of Windows Phone 8 devices, this is the only method to explore the data backups. Digital forensics specialists can access online backups even if they don't have access to the original device itself. All you need to regain access to these online backups is the original user account credentials, such as Apple ID or Live ID accompanied by the password.

Access iCloud Backups without Login Information

Elcomsoft Phone Breaker features a powerful forensic edition that allows you to gain access to iCloud backups even if the original login credentials are not known. The software provides a wide range of tools for acquiring and decrypting tokens from computers running Mac OS X or Windows. These authentication tokens are obtained from the computer where the user's iCloud Control Panel software is installed. If the user is logged onto the system at the time of token acquisition, the tokens can be extracted from operational systems or acquired from hard drives or forensic disk images. Fortunately, most users remain logged in to their iCloud Control Panel to keep things like notes, contacts, photos and passwords synchronized. Additionally, this tool is an integral part of Macintosh computers, though it is also found on Windows computers whose owners have Apple iOS devices.

Unlock and Decrypt Blackberry Backups

Available in the Windows version of Elcomsoft Phone Breaker is the ability to unlock BlackBerry backups created with devices running BlackBerry 7 or earlier. These backup archives contain call logs, SMS archives, organizer data, calendars, camera photos, voice mails, email account settings, browsing history, address books and more.

Local backups produced using BlackBerry Link feature a highly secure, hardware-specific encryption key. Nonetheless, Elcomsoft Phone Breaker can decrypt Blackberry 10 backups if the user's password and ID are known.

GPU Acceleration Supported

The Windows version of Elcomsoft Phone Breaker features advanced password recovery tools that allow you to gain access to password-protected backups stored either locally or online. To further increase the chances of success and significantly reduce the time it takes to gain access to the data, the software provides full support for AMD and nVidia GPUs. The program can carry out advanced dictionary attacks with extensively customizable permutations. In our tests, we found that Elcomsoft Phone Breaker was able to try up to 45,000 passwords per second with a computer equipped with an nVidia GeForce GTX 750Ti GPU compared to only 1500 per second for a computer equipped with only a 2.66 GHz Intel Core2 Quad-core CPU.

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