Advantages of cloud to SMEs

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Published: 06th February 2017
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The cloud is taking over how we see and operate businesses. And this stands true for big organizations as well and especially Small and Medium Enterprises (SME). SMEs can particularly benefit from embracing the plethora of benefits that cloud has to offer and reduce their costs, thereby increasing their profit margins and focusing on adding more value to their customers.
One of the key benefits that SMEs can derive from using or shifting to cloud is that of its extensive environment, that in return gives them leverage to compete with bigger businesses. Even when they begin by using the simplest forms of cloud – the cloud email, they benefit immensely by reducing customizing costs. There is no doubt that physical IT requires greater maintenance. Here are some of the obvious advantages for the SMEs when they shift to cloud:
• Access to the latest, updated software solutions without investing in any additional costs
• More flexibility, scalability and portability that leads to a more efficient business outcome
• Access to practically unlimited storage space, and global access to it
• Updated and high level security compliance that improves their client satisfaction
• Easy and hassle free maintenance with almost zero downtime
The cloud uses a combination of various technologies including internet, visualization and grid computing. It undertakes hosting of data, applications, communications and services and puts them practically within reach of people across the globe, and across time zones. It is of today, the most commercially suitable option for SMEs that benefit from its pay-per-use structure, making the businesses agile and efficient. Employees can now access information from anywhere, anytime, thereby reducing space constraints and the need for physical office spaces. The SMEs can also add new users based on the demand and carry on expanding their operations economically. The cost is further reduced by eliminating the need for new hardware for new and incoming employees.
Working with the cloud also ensures that work is evenly delegated and can be re-delegated across offices without any added administrative procedures. The SMEs then can focus on improving their customer experience, and strategizing. And contrary to belief, shifting your business to cloud has never been easier! As the cloud incorporates Internet based application program interfaces, it becomes easier to also bring together diverse systems.
With most of the business functions such as accounting, inventory, billing now made fully available through cloud, it is easy for SMEs to access streamlined and integrated business processes without additional manpower costs. The cloud also allows for leveraging automation and real time reporting to help access actionable data. The cloud also helps with analytics through easy availability of reports and other cloud services. So with access to updated software, greater security compliance, lesser need for additional manpower, website creation tools such as WordPress, effortless sales and server management tools, file sharing, and a barrage of other add-ons, SMEs can benefit greatly by shifting to Cloud.
In a world that thrives on greater mobility, increased connectivity and efficient management of resources, cloud proposes to be the solution that many SMEs have been waiting for with bated breath.
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