Air Conditioning Repair for Air Duct Problems

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Published: 06th February 2017
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During the summer, when your air conditioner gets almost constant usage during the day, it's not uncommon for something to go wrong. Most of the time, what's needed is air conditioning repair. Air conditioners can develop all kinds of problems, from faulty components to leakage and ice formation. However, in some cases, what appears to be an air conditioning problem is actually an issue with your air ducts. With the exception of ductless air conditioning systems, which are often used in mobile homes, apartments, and other smaller homes, most residential HVAC systems use a system of ductwork to move air throughout your home. These air ducts can become dirty or clogged, develop cracks and air leakage, or suffer problems due to faulty installation. At first glance, it can look like you need air conditioning repair, but in reality, you may actually need air duct repair or air duct cleaning from HVAC contractors with professional expertise.

Common Ductwork Problems

Most homes have an extensive system of air ducts, hidden in the walls and ceilings. These networks of square, tubular structures channel cold air throughout your home during the summer, along with warm air from your furnace in the winter. When something goes wrong with your ductwork, it often prevents air from traveling smoothly into various parts of your home. With air conditioning systems, this can lead to weak airflow, insufficient cooling, and common complaints that lead homeowners to call for air conditioning repair. If the HVAC repair technician doesn't find anything wrong with the air conditioner itself, the problem might actually lie within the ductwork instead.

There are several common issues that require air duct repair or air duct cleaning. Some of the most common ductwork problems that HVAC companies run into include:

● Blockage from dirt, dust, and debris. As cool air travels through your air ducts, it often carries various types of particulate matter in it, which can settle along the bottom and sides of the ducts. This commonly includes dust, dirt, lint, and related materials. Although many of the contaminants are removed by the air filters, those that aren't can build up over time, potentially obstructing air flow. This problem generally requires air duct cleaning, which should be done periodically to prevent weak airflow.
● Cracks and breakage. Both sections of the ductwork itself, and seals between the sections, can break or develop cracks. This allows cool air from your A/C to leak out, which both weakens airflow, and brings in warm air from outside the ducts. This can be fixed with professional air duct repair.
● Poor air duct insulation. Air duct repair may also be needed to fix insufficient insulation around the ducts, which can cause cold air to warm up before it can reach the various rooms in your home.
● Faulty installation. In many homes, the air ducts were poorly installed to begin with, leading to problems with cooling and airflow that appear, at first, to require air conditioning repair. Faulty air duct installation can cause sections of ductwork to buckle downward or fall apart at the seals.

In some cases, home cooling problems don't actually need air conditioning repair at all; rather, what you actually need is air duct repair or air duct cleaning. If your A/C isn't cooling your home as well as it should be, you should call a professional HVAC contractor for repairs. Give us a call at ALL DONE HVAC 201-540-0977 for professional air conditioning repair in New Jersey, along with air duct repair, air duct cleaning, and other residential HVAC services.

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