Air Suspension vs Coil Suspension

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Published: 06th February 2017
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Air or coil? If you think deciding which vehicle to buy was hard enough, try making a call between engines and transmission before you move to detailed ones like trim levels. And not to anybody's surprise, there's another decision you have to make. That is whether to choose coil, or height adjustable air suspension system for your car. If the choice isn't obvious to you, here are a few consideration you can make before reaching a final call.

Performance and convenience

The first thing that comes to our minds is performance and convenience. Coil suspension systems usually tend to have a factory ride height somewhere between the road and lower off road height of the air suspension version. This means that vehicles with coil suspension systems lack some clearance in the rough. Moreover, some of your on-road performance is also compromised if the driver decides to fit a suspension lift to compensate for the height. And a harsh ride experience can never be avoided in these situations as well. On the other hand, the air suspension system is much more advanced and offers auto levelling features, so you can run smooth on almost any type of terrain. While using a coil suspension your clearance is fixed, whereas air suspension systems have many modes to take you to more height.


Flex should be the next factor under consideration. Clearly, air suspension systems perform better than any coil suspension system on an off-road terrain. This is because air suspension systems have compressors pushing air from one spring to the opposite number continuously. This type of a system can beat the already existing coil suspension system even on its worse day. In fact, for higher-end cross linked air suspension systems, coil suspension systems are no competition at all.

So there you go; air suspension systems are better on-road, off-road and are way more convenient than coil suspension.

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