An Electric Bike vs. a Regular Bike

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Published: 20th November 2016
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Ever since they first hit the streets just over 10 years ago, electric bikes have grown in popularity all around the world as companies fight to produce the best designs using lighter frames and improved technological features. Some people who have used their normal bike for many years remain fiercely loyal cyclists and are against the principle of electric bikes. However many people like the idea of an ebike but are unsure how they would benefit if they switched from their regular bike.

Electric Bikes Vs Regular Bikes

Regular bikes are something nearly all of us have in common, even if it's just from our younger years. They provide great exercise and health benefits for those who love being active and have been developed considerably over the last century from the original Victorian designs. Many people have the impression that an electric bike is a whole new entity and is very different from a regular bike, but this is far from reality.

In essence an ebike is just the next technological advance for the regular bike. It is true that in other countries such as China, where there are now over 120 million in use, that the designs are made to resemble scooters or motorbikes more than push bikes, but in Europe and the rest of the western world ebikes usually look the same as normal bikes but have added motors and batteries.

This added power can provide a whole range of benefits for all kinds of people, but only has to be used when you want it. Electric bikes are designed to improve regular bikes, not replace them. They give people the assistance to go up hills or further distances that wouldn't be able to any other way. They are not aimed at making active people lazy, they are made to encourage those who for reasons such as age, mobility or weight, can't or don't want to ride a normal bike.

Another major reason why they are growing in popularity is down to other factors which have made them ideal for commuting. With the price of petrol practically doubling over the last decade, and the cost of public transport rising every year, an ebike which can be charged each night and then used every day to beat the traffic jams is providing the third realistic option many people have been waiting for.

Thousands of people have already been commuting with regular bikes for many years and are happy to do so, but a large number of people are put off by the thought of wearing excessive amounts of lycra and getting too hot and sweaty before they arrive in the office each morning. With an ebike this problem no longer exists, allowing people to commute on their bike without any of the negative side affects which puts so many people off.

While regular bikes have served us well for a long time now, and will continue to do so for many people, it is wrong to simply dismiss ebikes. They provide access for a whole new range of people who would never even consider cycling and offer a mode of transportation which can save noticeable time and money, especially in towns and cities where the roads are becoming more crowded every year.

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