Apple Next iPhone Release Date On The Horizon

Published: 08th April 2015
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Apple has actually not yet launched any info relating to their next iPhone, yet in some way the web is full of "leaked" pictures and iPhone 6 rumors-- even though this specific phone is only set to be released perhaps less than a year from now. We say "set," although it appears as though the next iPhone release date is a rumor in its own right. Apple fans around the globe are hoping that the next iPhone (iPhone 6) will completely change the concept of the smartphone as we currently know it, however is this most likely?

The iPhone 6 release date is supposedly set for, or even before June 2014. If this phone is as spectacular as fans hope it will be, is it likely that the Apple engineering group will have sufficient time to create their chef-d'oeuvre? Many people are hoping for a phone that includes a bigger 4.8-inch retina screen, complete HD functionality, fingerprint scanning modern technology, a 12 (or greater) MP rear-facing camera, and a lot more. Will Apple have the ability to perfect their design by summer season of 2014? We certainly hope so, but it might be an unlikely expectation on our part. Hardly anyone could forget the iPhone 5 fiasco-- will Apple be able to recover from that in a year?

Some iPhone 6 rumors state that the fantastic brand-new smartphone will feature eye-movement and motion innovation. This could indicate that iPhone individuals will be able to scroll through their phone just by looking at it. Is this really possible, or is it simply a bit too sci-fi to be plausible? Without any word from Apple on the subject, we will simply have to wait and see. Apple fans are also hoping that the next iPhone release will feature Wi-Fi sharing capabilities and an iOS7 system software that will significantly improve the speed at which the device runs.

With regards to the facade of the phone, the next iPhone release date will allegedly launch a smartphone with a polycarbonate plastic case. This could be an effort to reduce production costs or might basically be Apple's option to offering a phone that looks absolutely nothing like previous releases. The new, supposedly larger phone will also include totally rounded edges for a smooth, advanced type of appearance. We do question however, whether a polycarbonate casing will be adequately sturdy to safeguard the phone. Obviously, this seems more practical than concepts which propose that the next iPhone will have a completely see-through casing-- which many might see as both aesthetically and functionally unattractive.

Amongst the many advocated iPhone 6 features is the fact that Apple's glossy new star will have less Samsung components. This, at least, appears to make a fair measure of sense and would most likely be a smart move from the Apple group. Nonetheless, we do wonder whether sourcing parts from a disparate provider would make the phone more expensive? Finding replacement parts when your brand-new iPhone might require repairs could become a relatively costly endeavor.

Apple's iPhone 6 is little more than a snippet of a viewpoint at this juncture, but we definitely hope that this new phone will offer fans the exceptional brand-new, cutting-edge device for which they have been hoping. With the new iPhone release date so far away and fans having nothing more than iPhone rumors to satisfy their interest, Apple should pull more than the proverbial bunny out of their technological hat.


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