Are you expecting to take the full day to finish my power flush

Published: 25th June 2015
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Just how long should power flushing a heating system be?

I have decided I would seek to break down approximate times for your needs.

There is simply a readable graph found here powerflush site

I have put in these brief times so you can notice and check out by yourself credible engineers if someone spends 50 % of time of the times said here they cant be performing the job effectively.

Setting up disconnecting and simply balancing the systemEvery fitters carrying out a power flush will surely have to carry out following to successfully give the best results possible.

Install their own machinery in a convenient location ,

Link up all the different machines safe and sound

Take each of the tools and accessories apart as well as put the system back together the proper way.

Turn on the boiler make certain that every bit is functional and balance your system if it is requiring it.

Because of past encounters I figure all of these jobs should last anywhere between a hour or 2 hours whenever done correctly.

First flushing of piping along with boilers, final flush and analysis tests

With every single power flush the engineer should really commit lots of time flushing the chemicals around the system including all radiators, the boiler also, the piping working with the heating started up so its warm for the reason that chemicals are more effective when its all heated.

Once each radiator has been cleaned singular you need to reopen all the radiators once again together and as a result apply just what most people call the final flush, and next based on what chemicals you could have chosen determines in case you must neutralize the water if you need to this in most cases usually takes between a hour or so.

The cleaning and dumping of each and every radiator.

Once you have completely circulated the chemicals throughout the system it is then normal procedures to then close all radiator valves apart from a single radiator and then flush them by themselves for 10- 15 mins repeatedly changing directions breaking down the sludge build ups and even using a tool to attack the radiators to separate the more stubborn of blockages.

Once this has been achieved you would then go back and start dumping all the dirty water or some engineers do this as soon as they circulate each single radiator leaving fresh water on it's own in the radiator consequently closing the valves and then moving on to the following to repeat the identical process.

This is actually the most time consuming part of the job and normally takes anywhere from 10 to 15 mins on a system which isn't horribly fouled and also has large pipe work, to more than sixty minutes on a stubborn system using micro bore pipe.

So as you will discover from the guide lines supplied power flushing can take anywhere from 3 hours depending on the size of your system, how big your pipe work, the sum of sludge there is, the stubbornness of the sludge, setting up the machinery and dismantling it all and then anywhere around half a hour all the way up to 2 hours dependent the condition of each radiator.

Any person indicating they're going to complete a eight radiator heating power flush in just a couple of hours or less just simply is not carrying out a very good heating power flush.

A lot more critical information can be found in this article powerflush site

powerflush Expert, PhilBogda, has spent many years running power flushing buisness for hundreds of power flushing fans.


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