Are You Famous or Are You a Leader?

Published: 08th April 2015
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It seems like everyone is talking about branding these days. "What's your niche?" has replaced "What's your sign?" The funny thing is, even with all this focus on branding, we're not quite sure what branding really is. We know we need it, we think it might help us grow our business, but beyond that we wonder why does branding really matter?

In today's economy branding is more important than ever. No longer is it the case that big companies corner every market. It used to be if you were going to by coffee, more than likely it was Folger's. If you wanted to watch television, you would choose between the three major networks. Nowadays, you can buy everything from Starbuck's to imported, organic African blend coffees at your local grocery store and the possibilities for viewing entertainment are virtually endless.

Our world has become a very diverse place indeed. It's a very exciting time, but all this wonderful diversification has also brought new challenges for the entrepreneur. More than ever, today's consumers are demanding and have become accustomed to a plethora of choices. So how, as small business owners, can we stand out and be heard above the noise?

This, my friends, is where branding takes center stage. Because consumers are more demanding, they expect more customized products and services. If your brand is able to speak to the specific needs and desires of a specific group of people, you will be able to capture their attention. You will begin to attract a clients who enthusiastically resonates with your message. However, to create this kind of magnetism you must embrace specificity.

The problem most people make when thinking about their branding is going too wide. They think if they do or offer more, they will capture more of the market. What happens instead, however, is they water down their brand and brand recognition. They are no longer known for something specific and therefore, they lose the edge that can create buzz for their business and they fail to attract and retain more customers.

It is more important than ever to be unique. The marketplace is no longer one big mass, but is made up instead of many small, self-proclaimed niches or tribes. These tribes are made up of like-minded individuals who share values and preferences and they also pride themselves on being unique. Just look at the cars on the road today and you'll see what I mean. There are sleek BMW types and there are the VW bug owners how put flowers on their dashboard. Each tribe has its own unique personality.

If you want a successful brand, you need to figure out who your tribe is and what their needs are. Your aim should not be to make an internationally famous brand, but rather to be a tribal leader, focusing on the needs and desires of the people a specific tribe. This also means understanding what kind of tribe you are uniquely qualified to serve and what kind of tribe matches your own personality and preferences.

So how do you gain tribal leader status?

Think narrow and deep instead vs. wide and shallow. Better to do a few things with excellence than many things that others do just as well.

Be intensely yourself. People are drawn to authenticity. If you are truly authentic, you will draw more ideal clients who resonate with your message.

Stand for something. Most people are afraid to put a stake in the ground. However, having a distinct point of view makes you a leader.

Be a loud mouth. You have to get your message out, so the right people will hear about you. You do not want to be your own best kept secret.

Repeat yourself. Most people have short memories and attention spans. You need to continually and consistently re-articulate your brand and brand message to create stickiness with your audience.

Just remember, if you are the queen of everything you will be known for nothing, however, if you are known for something specific which is of value to your tribe, they will become fanatic and loyal followers. And that my friends, is why branding matters.


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