Are You Preparing your Law Firm for the Internet of Tomorrow?

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Published: 08th May 2020
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Can you think about a time when you are not in front of the computer and not at your desk? May be you are rushing to court. Maybe you are going out at a restaurant with friends or maybe you are sitting at home with your feet up on your couch. Can you ask yourself picking any of these scenarios?

Are You Online at The Moment?

Before you think of the answer too rapidly, is your mobile phone is pinging you with all the latest legal updates of Facebook or Twitter? Are you receiving case notes from your office staff via email? Do you have a game console or television that is connected to Hulu or Netflix? Are you wearing any of the Apple or FitBit watch that might be communication on a network automatically?

It is extremely surprising to know that most of these devices are not more than four years old. Considering this fact, it is very clear that the Internet is going to be a very different place in next five years. To be sure it is going to act and look differently. But above that the difference between an offline and online life may become effectively meaningless.

We Have Seen This Before

A series of AT&T ads in 1990’s called “You Will” was launched. You can take a look at the full series of ads here. In these ad series, AT&T explained at the time, what, looked a far flung future. People used hypothetical tablets, remotely joined meetings, electronically paid bills and highway tolls, through electronic map, received directions and via streaming videos tucked their children in. This was the fiction of science back then, these ads portrayed a life that seems almost monotonous.

Today, AT &T is a relevant and major company. The company’s response to the imminent technology is the part of the reason for this. They were not only smart enough to mention which way the wind was gusting, they were also adaptable enough to establish their business around future and the present.

Are You Wondering What Does This Have to Do With Your Law Firm?

As you think and plan your digital marketing and website design efforts, be aware of tomorrow’s internet guidelines. An example of this is a mobile responsive website design for your law firm (a website which adjusts to the height and width of any device regardless of its size, i.e Tablets and Smartphone’s). The future of smooth online assimilation has already provided several smarter devices and the budding internet of things. Your law firm might not be online yet or it may have an old and outdated website which is not responsive but do not ignore what is clearly coming down the track – A future where legal and law consumers don’t find and look for lawyers, law firms and attorneys the same way that they are doing now.

No doubt people will still find information on search engines, but certainly those services will change. In just the past few years search engine results has changed drastically and shifted away from listing of websites to proving accurate and seamless information and answers.

Draw line out from this direction and visualise a world where the gadgets and devices share more information directly than they share with us. The question here is not whether or not this particular situation will have to be handled. But comparatively, will your law firm be open for the internet of tomorrow and such an opportunity? Will you hire a website design company for turning your old website into a responsive website? 40% of law firms in UK and around the world are drawing a line towards this direction.

Some marketing true, tried and tested methods may never die completely, but staying with some specific marketing techniques that worked before offers very limited returns. So take an inspiration from AT&T and be a law firm, lawyer and solicitor that see various possibilities and grasp the digital marketing prospective they represent.

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