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Published: 30th April 2020
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FIFA 16 updates: improved graphics, refined gameplay, the latest squads, kits and stadiums and a few new features (women's teams).

FIFA 16 News

All eyes are firmly focused on the start of the new Premier League and Football League seasons, with managers and players concentrating on getting off to a crucial good start. Chelsea will be available to play with in the FIFA 16 demo.

6 things you should to know about FIFA 16

1 There are people worldwide watching football for work

Do you how the points for each player's stats in FIFA are allocated? EA Sports has localised teams of data collection staff all around the world evaluating players during games, this info is then entered into the game’s engine.

Prior says: "It's their job to watch games and provide the data,because there are dozens of stats for each player, such as acceleration, tackling, and strength." That means there are people in every major footballing country who spend most of their lives analysing every single aspect of every single player’s game.

2 EA doesn't want to make the game “too real”

Yes, you are right!

There’s a reason FIFA is fun to play even if you don’t play football in real life: EA consciously makes an effort to balance authenticity with entertainment. When people play FIFA 16 they want to be entertained and have fun. EA don't think they're ever in danger of getting rid of that aspect, but it’s a balance EA need to keep. FIFA 16 is a representation of a real world game, but it's intrinsically not that.

3 No, the game isn't biased against you

Contrary to popular belief, when you play Career mode, the AI doesn’t make you lose just to spoil your perfect record. Some games may seem unwinnable, but that’s just the net effect of several factors in the game that come into play. Just like natural stuff in there, there are certain players who might get an extra wind after 85 minutes, so there's lots of little elements.

4 EA does listen to the gamers

That can be challenging because they're on a very short cycle – they come out at a similar time annually. Another game might have the opportunity to try different things and push the release date out by two months.

EA deal directly with certain aspects of the games, they monitor the forums and get a lot of people in to focus-test the game. Actually, they don't know or have an idea of how each edition will be received, and game changing. Prior says: some of that is driven by the feedback.

5 Long shots might be the way to go in FIFA 16

Did you found that defenders appear to be even smarter this time round, it’s harder to get the ball into shooting situations than on FIFA 15 - and it was hard enough there. As a last resort, we started letting fly from distance... with instant success. The goalkeepers have been made easier to beat? The shooting has been improved?

Balance is the eternal challenge, Long shot is an early code in FIFA system, it's a feature thind and it won’t break the game. People will see a very different game when it comes out though.

6 The EA Sports team actually like PES

It’s one of the great rivalries in football: FIFA vs Pro Evolution Soccer. In fact, most players agree that you either play one or the other, and never both. Prior says: We like PES, we're glad it's out there. We think competition from the user perspective is good, so we're happy that they exist. They make a good game, it keeps us on our toes, and I'm sure vice versa.

10 Outstanding Free Agents You Could Sign

Isaac Cuenca – 73: He’s a free agent with 86 agility, 82 dribbling and 83 ball control on the last game, so he could be a shrewd move for a lower-Premier League team.

Ilsinho – 74: He’s a versatile midfielder who has featured at right back and right wing, but on FIFA he is classified as a central midfielder. If you’re looking for a solid, consistent, reliable man to base a midfield on, he most certainly will fit the bill.

Jonas Gutierrez – 74: Gutierrez pulled on a Newcastle shirt again and helped them survive in the Premier League. He assisted the first, and scored the second in a crucial 2-0 victory over West Ham on the last day. He’s a hard-working midfielder, typified by his 84 stamina rating, and could be a great signing for a top Championship side.

Joey Barton – 75: As a central midfield battler, he’s there to break up the play and spread the ball up the field. In the game, you can harness his talent without stamping, kicking and screaming around the pitch, and would be a decent Premier League signing.

Juan Manuel Vargas – 76: His 83 crossing, 81 and wide range of high-70s technical ratings show that he has enough ability to impress. He’s also got 89 shot power, 84 long shots, and 81 aggression meaning that when he hits a ball, there’s a strong chance it’ll take the net and goalkeeper’s head off.

Carlos Zambrano – 77: Carlos Zambrano's 79 strength, 81 jumping, 87 aggression and very decent pace prove that he’d be a commanding figure in the backline for a good side.

Esteban Cambiasso – 78: Esteban Cambiasso could be an outstanding signing for your low-mid top flight side in need of a cool head in midfield, though unfortunately for FIFA gamers, he could be close to an Olympiakos deal.

Ron Vlaar – 79: Ron Vlaar's 79 rating that wouldn’t look out of place in many mid-table teams, and would be an excellent base to build on. If he’s available come launch date, snap him up for his 90 strength, 82 standing tackle, 81 marking and surprising 88 shot power.

Antonio Cassano – 80: Antonio Cassano's the forward’s penalties, long passing, reactions, vision, short passing, dribbling, curve, and crossing are all 84-rated and above, while his ball control is a staggering 91.

Dimitar Berbatov – 81: Dimitar Berbatov’s first touch is nothing short of magnificent, and in FIFA, his ball control, dribbling, finishing, heading accuracy, penalties, short passing, shot power, volleys, vision, and positioning are all comfortably north of the 80 mark. If he holds onto his 80+ rating, he’ll be an outstanding addition for a top half Premier League side.

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