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Published: 08th April 2015
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Article spinning applications work by replacing elements of text to provide a slightly different perspective on a given topic. When you rewrite articles words are substituted with their synonyms and the structure of article text is rearranged in such a manner that it doesn't collide with the original meaning of the edited text. Content spinning can be done manually by creating unique variations one copy at a time which is quicker than writing new content the traditional way, but can still take quite some time if you want to generate numerous rewrites. The good news is that content spinning can be accomplished noticeably faster with the help of professional article spinning computer software like The Best Spinner and this tutorial is designed to offer you a quick overview of the characteristics and capabilities of this application.

The Best Spinner offers two basic ways of rewriting your articles, either by highlighting every term or phrase independently and manually picking the synonyms you would like to use, or by utilizing The Best Spinner's automated tools. In the case of automated methods, The Best Spinner allows for adjusting the quality of spins, however an important thing to take into consideration here is that more often than not even the best quality setting won't result in a perfectly understandable output copy.

The primary graphical user interface panel in The Best Spinner is made of two segments. The top half of the main user panel is the place where you paste an original text, the bottom half provides easily available word and phrase replacements and input locations where you can include unique versions of every word, sentence or even larger blocks of text such as complete paragraphs. After opening an article text The Best Spinner instantly reveals all of the words and phrases with readily available alternatives and labels them with an underscore. Manual editing can be accomplished with a double-click on each of the words the application was able to find an alternative for and choosing the appropriate single or multiple replacements displayed in the bottom half of the primary user interface.

Unique word and phrase alternatives used in the edited content are grouped within an area delimited by curly brackets ('{}')and separated inside that block by the pipe sign ('|'). This results in the so-called spin-formatted text and in order to achieve even better level of uniqueness of the rewritten text The Best Spinner allows going deeper by including more word or phrase variations within already spintax-formatted areas of content resulting in nested spintax. The Best Spinner comes equipped with exhaustive word and phrase synonym replacement directory comprising of items coming from actual end users producing their own publications. The application's synonym database is comprised of millions of word and phrase alternatives which allows you to easily spin and rewrite edited content by including larger number of variations for each word.

One of the features of The Best Spinner interface enables protecting key phrases such as product names or brand names from re-writing thus preventing any spinning of these terms. In case a word or phrase should stay intact in the edited text, using protected terms can be a real time saver preventing additional clean-up after the article is spun. In The Best Spinner, this can be done with ease by clicking with the right button of your mouse on a given expression inside the text editing area and selecting appropriate option inside the pop up list.

One of the other useful features of The Best Spinner is the possibility for including contextual hyperlinks. Links can be organized into groups in the hyperlink manager and placed in the spun text every time the software detects a corresponding keyword, which in this case becomes the anchor text within the rewritten article. In order to achieve better diversity anchor text might also be rewritten just like any other term. Data merge option offers the capability to generate fields in a document text that become populated with entries saved in a separate file. External document could comprise of larger number of data entries and in case of multiple records data merging can become a real time saver as The Best Spinner will automatically place the text entries from the data merge file in previously designated spots of the edited article text.

The Best Spinner also features a number of methods designed to keep track of the uniqueness of the spun articles. One simple way of carrying out this task is to keep track of a percentage number in the bottom right corner of the screen which displays the difference between the original and spun copy. Finished articles can also be examined with the The Best Spinner's duplicate content checker tools. The application provides uniqueness checks with the use of Copyscape (requires an API key) but also with its very own free tool. An additional functionality of The Best Spinner's interface facilitates checking the uniqueness level of all spun output article copies at once in a spreadsheet-like grid.

The software allows for producing of up to 1,000 of uniquely spun article copies each in its own document or joined together in single output text file with a user-generated separator indicating the beginning and the end of each copy. With the help of built-in tools The software can publish a single post to a WordPress blog or publish spun article to The Best Spinner's own article directory. The content publishing capabilities of The Best Spinner are restricted, but generated spun articles can be easily adjusted to a formatting used by any web submission tool or service.

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