Atlanta Spine Surgery An Insight into Recuperation!

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Published: 19th November 2016
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How difficult life becomes when you develop chronic back or neck pain? Restricted moment leaves you frustrated as you are not even able to accomplish your daily routine tasks easily. If you are also suffering from chronic back pain and living in Atlanta then you get in touch with some of the best and experienced orthopedic who can suggest you treatment accordingly. Health care professionals recommend Atlanta Spine Surgery in cases where patient fails to show signs of improvement after taking medicines and undergoing other therapies for a long time. However, if you are considering surgery as an option then you better think twice as not everyone can deal with its after effects. And, at the same time find out about the recovery time.

Spine surgeons Atlanta suggests and guides you before and after the surgery so that you can make the right decision. If you have undergone this surgery recently then here is a piece of advice - do not try to move much, rest is all that you need to do. It is important for you to understand that if you do not give your spine proper rest then it will take much more time recuperate. The entire recuperation process is believed to be completed only when the patient's damaged tissues are healed completely and he regains proper strength. Your spine surgeon will monitor your health after surgery to ensure recovery procedure is on the right track.

Lumbar Spine Surgery
This form of surgery is performed on the lower back with an objective to ease severe pain in lower back area. It often happens that people get confused with back pain and take it as sciatica. It can be performed in two ways - using minimally invasive technique or as an open surgery. In minimally invasive technique, surgeon makes a small incision in the side and then small holes are made alongside spine. In this kind of surgery, the recovery tenure varies between four to six weeks. However, open spine surgery recuperation time varies from six to twelve months.

Cervical Spine Surgery
Herniated disc, also known as slipped disc is one of the most common problems and it is treated with cervical spine surgery in cases where patients get to respite with medication. It is performed in the neck so that access is made possible to the spine. Recovering from this type of surgery is a time consuming task and depends on several factors such as:

The way in which patient's body reacts to the surgery
How well the surgery is performed
Reaction of surgeon post surgery and the next set of steps that are followed

One who undergoes surgery is required to stay in hospital for at least a week's time post surgery. Depending on the condition of the patient, Spine Surgeon Atlanta can ask you to get up or walk on the second day of surgery in order to ease the pressure on spine

It might take minimum of five weeks to recover from the surgery after returning home. It is important for patient to make sure that undue pressure is put on spine during this duration. Any kind of stress on neck can be the obstacle in recovery and might increase recuperation time as well.

Recuperating From Spine Surgery
Recuperating from spine surgery is relatively a long procedure, particularly in cases where open spine surgery is performed. If you want to ensure timely healing and recovery then adhere to the rehabilitation process that is suggested by the spine surgeon. Patient's ability to heal as well as overall strength of an individual are the two prime factors that decides the recovery process. Make sure that you do not push yourself unnecessarily after undergoing surgery.

Your decision to choose Atlanta Spine Surgery is one that you will never regret as spin surgeons here are highly experienced and qualified making it possible for candidates to recover quickly. Post surgery you will be recommended exercise program so that you can start to resume daily exercise. Some patients experience stiffness in back after the surgery. Walking for a short distance or taking a warm shower will help you get rid of the stiffness.

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