Victoria Welch

name Victoria Welch - I have spent many years working with children of all ages, from nursery through to high school, and have also spent a lot of time with children with special needs. During all my time working with children, one strong pattern began to emerge.

Children who had experienced structured play with their parents and guardians seemed to have a strong bond, felt loved and appreciated.

Their carers also seemed to be benefiting and had an understanding of the child’s uniqueness, enjoyments and development needs.

Educational-Games-For-Kids was set up to drive this message home and help parents choose the right educational games and toys for their little ones.

Toddlers Activities For The Terrible Twos?

10th March 2009
Having lost interest in baby toys, but still too young to be involved in the activities provided for older children, toddlers are often seen as disruptive. This second year is one of extraordinary rapid growth and development, but unless careful though... Read >