What are Wipers?

06th February 2017
Wipers or striped bass are hybrids, which brings up the question of what a hybrid is. Hybrids are born of two different species. While most hybrids are not fertile, this fish (also known as a Cherokee bass or Sunshine bass) is fertile. Most other hybrid... Read >

Fathead Minnows and Fishing Lakes

06th February 2017
What are fathead minnows? Fathead minnows are food for bigger fish. They are not a fish that fisherman actually want to catch. Bass, a popular sport fish, eat fathead minnows. The minnows are called forage food. When a new pond is being stocked, if f... Read >

Do You Need to do an Electrofishing Survey on Your Lake

06th February 2017
Anyone who is the owner of a private lake or who manages a public body of water may have to hire a lake management company to conduct an electrofishing survey. By using this tool, the current health of the body of water can be determined. It also sets t... Read >

Summer Fun

06th February 2017
It is time for summer fun. Summer is time to visit a public or a private lake. The best are private lakes, because you have them all to yourself and your family and friends. They are cleaner, and often, are specifically designed to be great fishing hol... Read >