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Ways To Get Around Paying Real Estate Commission

05th February 2010
If you are going to be selling your house by working with an agent then you are going to find yourself paying real estate fees in some way. Your real estate agent will very likely charge you a percent of the final sale price. The seller will pay the perce... Read >

Teacher Job Fair Tip: How to STAND OUT at a Teacher Job Fair

11th February 2008
If you have ever attended a teacher job fair then you know how depressing the experience can be. Thousands of teachers all in one place all with the same goal in mind...getting a teaching job! Unfortunately, despite the rumors, the fact is teaching job... Read >

Middle School Classroom Management: Behavior Action Plan

14th August 2007
One of the most difficult skills to master as a teacher is classroom management. Unfortunately, if you can not master this skill you are not going to survive as a teacher, especially as a middle school teacher. However, when the school year starts, man... Read >

Use this Powerful Teacher Resume Tip to make YOUR Teacher Resume STAND OUT

16th June 2007
An effective teacher resume is absolutely essential in today's extremely competitive teaching job market. In fact, your teacher resume may be the one thing that gets you the interview. There is no question that teaching jobs are extremely difficult ... Read >

What is Blooms Taxonomy?

08th December 2005
Copyright 2005 Adam WaxlerWhat is Bloom's taxonomy and how can a teacher apply Bloom's taxonomy to classroom lesson plans?Bloom's taxonomy was originally created Benjamin Bloom for categorizing and classifying levels of intellectual learning that commonly... Read >