Andrew Connor


Spotting the Differences Between a Fully-Furnished Apartment and a Full-Serviced Rental

25th June 2015
Business travelers these days who are trying to stick to a budget often find searching for the best accommodations more challenging than preparing a Powerpoint presentation for their biggest clients. With rates for a decent hotel being as high as they are... Read >

Essential Travel Advice When Visiting a Foreign Country

18th June 2015
There can be various reasons why people travel to other countries. Some do it because of their work, some to study, while for most people it's to explore other places, experience different cultures and meet new people. Whatever your reasons for traveling ... Read >

Planning That Perfect Honeymoon

18th June 2015
For many couples, the bliss of married life doesn't really start until they get into that holiday to celebrate their marital union - the honeymoon. Although some don't consider it as an essential post-wedding getaway, there are couples who want to keep th... Read >