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How to Endure In Any Trial-- Nine Recommendations For "Spiritual Warriors"

20th November 2016
God doesn't just make up tests to see which way we'll act like some deranged lab technician. He already knows what is in us and exactly how we'll react. We are the ones in the dark: God is Light. We really need to understand our hard times from... Read >

Euthanasia For Pets? Can Biblical Truths Aid Your Decision?

20th November 2016
Is euthanasia ethical for animals? Why not for people? Beloved pets may seem so much like us that our affection for them can cause confusion as they wind down towards death. Never let the resemblances deceive you! In making us from dust the Lord "breathed... Read >

How To Live With More Peace-- Twelve Painless Steps For Letting Go Of Any Concern To The Lord!

17th August 2015
Staying swamped with worries is sure to heighten your anxieties or drag you down! One of the main secrets of the spiritual life is knowing ways to cast cares out of your heart into God's Hands. That truly restores inner peace! These 12 "step... Read >

Ten Insights That Will Help You Recognize The Voice Of Condemnation And Cease Accusing Yourself

17th August 2015
Recognizing truth is the wind in the sails of our life in Christ. Every truth is a torch that shows us the next good action , the signal fire that points us safely and securely to our journey's end. No one who has met Jesus wishes to walk in confusion and... Read >

9 "Unacceptable" Things About Yourself--Yet God Desires You To Like And Accept Yourself Despite Th

17th August 2015
Isn't a blessing that God accepts and loves you just as you are? Our God has reconciled Himself completely to us. He is not even imputing our sins to us! This is the good news. Yet many of us hold anger for all manner of wrongs against our ... Read >

How to Forgive the Unforgiveable In 10 Heaven-Assisted Steps

17th August 2015
If you are faced with a tricky job to carry out, it helps to break it up into more doable steps. How do you forgive a really deep injury? Often we are able to forgive simply by speaking it. On the other hand, if the memory of a past wrong is bound to ... Read >

Forgiveness Made Clear: You Need To Know What It Isn't. These 7 Points Could Surprise You!

25th June 2015
Our injured heart protests: "Why should I forgive?" There are truly countless misleading ideas "out there" attempting to describe forgiveness. It is not surprising that people don't choose to do it! Genuine forgiveness, however, is supremely benefic... Read >

5 Tremendous Motivations For Forgiving The Unforgivable--Including The Ones The Lord Uses

25th June 2015
Anytime we have a grueling job it makes a huge difference if we have the right supply of motivation to stick with it until it is done. Forgiveness is like that. Our resentful feelings can cling to us like cement. It discourages us to keep remembering p... Read >

5 Dynamic Ideas Why It Really Is A Great Good Thing To Be You

25th June 2015
I can't guess about your life, but I am somebody who has had a really difficult time accepting myself--just as I am. Nevertheless, no matter what my fault-finding about myself was, the Lord would encourage me to help me love, forgive and accept my... Read >

Can God Heal Your Damaged Emotions? Yes and Here Are The Five Ways He Does It!

17th June 2015
Do you have emotional pain coming from past traumatic events or present circumstances? Has your heart been banged up and bruised by "rough handling"? It is so hard to pass through life unscathed! Have you ever wondered, "Is emotional healing even possi... Read >