Martial Arts Uniforms: Getting the Right Fit

17th August 2015
Whether you're just beginning martial arts training or you've been a practitioner for years, you may have encountered challenges in finding uniforms that have the right fit. Contrary to the popular saying, one size doesn't fit all when it comes to martial... Read >

Problogging: Making Money From Blogs Starting Now!

26th June 2015
A weblog (or simply blog) is a website that 'publishes' or features articles (which are called 'blog posts', 'posts', or 'entries'), written by an individual or a group that make use of any or a combination of the following: Straight texts Photogra... Read >

5 Tips On Finding The Best Topics For Your Blog...

26th June 2015
Blog topics are an important part of a successful blog. Some bloggers simply write about whatever is on their mind, creating an online journal of sorts. Successful bloggers know however that to have a great blog, you cannot always write about what you wan... Read >

Search Engines Positioning - The Best Ways To Get Your Blog Blasted Through The Internet

26th June 2015
Part of blogging for profit is making sure you show up in search engine searches. There are a number of ways to make that happen. Some are simple and obvious, while others take a little know-how. So what should you do to get your blog blasted through the ... Read >

Use Pictures On Your Blog To Boost Traffic Starting Now!

26th June 2015
Studies show that readers are often much more interested in blogs that offer pictures. Blogs that use pictures are shown to be accessed more often than plain text blogs. If you are looking for an interesting way to boost traffic to your site, you might wa... Read >

Why You Should Blog!

26th June 2015
I have been blogging for just over two months now. Many of my mentoring students have been asking my advice on blogging. I have so far hesitated to teach much about blogging, because it's not something I feel I "know" yet. I feel much more comfortable tea... Read >

The Sky News Blog - A New Angle In The News?

26th June 2015
The Sky News Blog is UK's first blog site dedicated to a daily news show. Since a blog is similar to an on-line diary where the writer's thought is posted, how effective would it be when used in relation to news? Sky News is a 24-hour television show in E... Read >

Smart Blogging For Business - What To Do To Boost Visitors Immediately!

26th June 2015
Today's largest businesses are really taking blogging seriously. They are not about to sit back and let the rest of the world reap the advantages while they don't. Successful business people are intelligent. They know how much blogging can connect people ... Read >

Fifth Lesson - Publishing With Wordpress

26th June 2015
Well, we have come to the final lesson in the Publishing With Wordpress crash course. I sure hope you have enjoyed your lessons and learned a lot about using WordPress to publish your content online. Today we're going to talk about maintaining and mon... Read >

AdSense Tips For Bloggers

25th June 2015
If you have joined the blogging revolution that is sweeping the net, and you think you might want to make a little revenue - or a lot of revenue - from your blogging efforts, you need AdSense tips for bloggers. Blogging has opened up an entirely new way o... Read >

7 Reasons You Need To Blog For Your Business

25th June 2015
If you are not blogging for your business then you should be. While many people simply dismiss blogging because of its description as a web diary they are missing a lot of traffic and revenue generating opportunities every day. Are you one of those missin... Read >

Simple Blog Web Promotion Ideas!

25th June 2015
Getting your blog off the ground is not as tricky as people make it out to be. If you follow some really basic steps then it can be as eating a piece of pie. I have found a couple great blogs that have taught be something very unique and extremely rare. W... Read >

What Employers Need To Know About Employee Blogging

18th June 2015
With the convenience of the internet, most employers enjoy quick and effective communications with their employees. But lately, many employers are expressing some concern with employees who have started "blogging." This concern stems from the fear that so... Read >

Keep Them Coming For More - What Blog Readers Really Want And More!

18th June 2015
Blogging has become a very popular as more people turn to writing online journals to express their thoughts and interest. Most blog writers have some sort of following by readers, unless they choose to keep their blogs private. Even if the blog is designe... Read >

Show Me The Money: Turning Your Blog Into A Source Of Income

18th June 2015
Online journaling - also known as "blogging" - has rapidly evolved from a personal hobby into a powerful tool for Internet entrepreneurs. According to Jim Kukral, creator of, you can monetize a blog in several ways. "For instance, you... Read >
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