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The Qualities of a Professional Trader

08th April 2015
Everyone can learn forex trading, however, to earn money in the long term, it is important to develop certain skills that characterize successful traders. Success depends more on personal qualities of the trader that the strategy he uses. The followin... Read >

How to Practice The Art of Forex Scalping

08th April 2015
There are many ways to approach trading in the forex market, depending on the time horizon. One can indeed classify types of trading in three categories: day trading, which involves taking positions on a few hours a day, swing trading, which involves taki... Read >

The Key To High Performance In Forex Trading

08th April 2015
Trading foreign exchange, as methodical activity, requires patience and determination to reach levels of high performance. Now approaching the notion of performance, intrinsically linked to the profession of trader. The first thing to remember is that... Read >

Always Be Updated With The Latest News When Trading

08th April 2015
To make profitable investments in Forex, it is important to consider the economic and political events in different countries. Factors that influence the currency rates are unemployment, the trade balance, GDP and the development of the sector of goods an... Read >

Are You a Card Player or a Forex Trader?

08th April 2015
Without knowing it, you may very possibly be like a card player in the forex market. In fact, if you're like most people who trade forex, you are probably more of a player than a trader. Forex traders who are not making money consistently, simply have the... Read >

Advantages and Disadvantages of Expert Advisors

08th April 2015
During the past couple of years, there has been a breakthrough of a completely new kind of foreign exchange traders, who are not affected by emotions, who work tirelessly night and day, who have got absolutely no sense of greed, who are not scared of fail... Read >