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Reasons to consult a worker’s compensation attorney

30th April 2020
Have you been injured on the job and wonder if you need a worker's compensation attorney? Charlotte is a bustling, growing city with a large population of construction workers, independent contractors, high-rise window cleaners, and road workers. You can ... Read >

Product liability attorney for IVC filter patients

30th April 2020
You have probably seen interviews on television with healthcare experts and product liability attorneys discussing the issues with IVC filters. Before we get to the issue, we want to explain what an IVC filter is, in the simplest terms. "IVC" is an acrony... Read >

Car Accident Attorney Tips for Motorcycles in Intersections

30th April 2020
With everyone going back to school and the summer vacation ending, car accident attorneys remind motorcyclists to be extra attentive at intersections. Statistics reveal that nearly one in every three motorcycle crashes occur at intersections. The most com... Read >

Car Accident Attorney Tips for when You are Involved in a Hit and Run

20th August 2017
Car accident attorneys know that getting involved in an auto accident can be traumatic. However, when you are been involved in a hit and run accident, you can add tremendous stress and frustration to the situation. For the sake of clarification, a hit and... Read >

Choosing the Right Personal Injury Lawyers for Dog Bite Cases

06th February 2017
Here is an astounding number; nearly 5 million people in this country are victims of dog bite every year. Seventeen percent of those bitten are injured seriously enough to require medical attention. North Carolina law allows that a dog bite victim can rec... Read >

Personal Injury Attorney Explains Pool Owner Responsibilities

06th February 2017
Personal injury attorneys are all too familiar with the fact that Labor Day weekend is one of the biggest pool and hot tub weekends of the year. Every year lawsuits are filed against pool owners who are believed to be negligent, or who fail to keep their ... Read >

Have You been Injured in an Accident and Suffer with Headaches?

06th February 2017
If you have been injured in a Charlotte car accident, and you are still suffering from headache and memory loss when you thought you would feel better, see a doctor and consult with a Charlotte injury attorney. Brain injuries that result from car accident... Read >

Injury Attorney Warns Drivers to Watch Out for Cyclists

06th February 2017
Personal injury attorneys know that if you are a cyclist that has been injured in an accident, you are part of a disturbing trend. The combination of school returning, and shorter daylight hours means that drivers must be increasingly aware of cyclists on... Read >

Tips to prevent dog bites

06th February 2017
National Dog Bite Prevention Week takes place during the third week of May every year. The focus is on educating people about how to prevent dog bites. There is an estimated population of over 70 million dogs living in U.S. households. Not surprisingly, m... Read >

Finding a personal injury attorney that you can trust

05th February 2017
If you or someone in your family has been seriously injured, you are going to need one of the best Charlotte personal injury attorneys. Any attorney that you decide to hire must be experienced at handling all types of personal injury cases such as: • s... Read >