usman khan



05th February 2017
Choose a web agency may seem a simple action that requires a few clicks on Google. In fact, using keywords like "web agency", "web development" or other results are not lacking. But what is the real quality of these results? How to choose a web agency tha... Read >

Social Media B2B

10th January 2017
B2B social medium b2bSocial average is a book on web marketing that brings a little 'clarity and indicates some good practices in a field - precisely what the web marketing - in which too often reigns approximation, and in which blunder are commonplace a... Read >

The online reputation and risks to job search

10th January 2017
Some time ago, Microsoft has conducted research on the online reputation and its implications on our personal and professional lives. Were involved more than 1,000 operators Human Resources and as many workers, chosen from different countries of the worl... Read >

Positioning on the search engines and remaking of a website.

10th January 2017
How not to lose rankings on Google & C. When it draws a website. Before anyone says: "well, 'we try," I will try to give some advice on how to avoid collapses scary position on Google in steps of restyling. A tip for not lose rank web pages. When it bu... Read >

The perfect Homepage

05th December 2016
Designing a website is easy, but realize ad HOC is something else! What are the elements that should always be on the homepage? The homepage of a website is considered to be the calling card of any business and it is the page with the increased visibility... Read >

How to attract new customers with Facebook

04th December 2016
Facebook is a social network that offers a wide range of business, but selling services which provides not as easy as it sounds. With Facebook, you can sell products, increase its online visibility and increase traffic to their site, but if you plan to do... Read >